March 2, 2009

Fantasy part 10

"JEMA!!!" Jas shrieked

"Ya 7beebty, laish il9ra5?"


"shfeekum" Bader yelled

"Mish3al wants to marry me"

"Mabrooook 7beebty, he is such a great man I am so happy for you" I really was

"Ha? uhwa yabech intay? bs intay wayed 9'3era, uhwa wayed akbar minich" Bader interogated

"Its about 10 years, its not so bad b3dain he is a great man I am not going to miss out on this"

"La, mako zawaj ana mo ra'6y b3dain ilmafrou'6 ya5ith Jema mo intay, she needs a break, she needs a good man!"

"Bader, that is not how it works he likes Jas, alah ehanehim inshalah you should be happy our baby sister is marrying a doctor"

"Sorry, Jas ma kan ga9dy 7beebty, mabrook"

I was happy, thrilled for my sister and Mish3al, but at he same time I could not help but feel jealous not because of whom she was with just because she was settled with a good man, honest, real, loving, caring and most importantly a real man. I know she can rely on him, and that he would never hurt her and to be honest that is all I cared about.

Meanwhile, Rashed and I were taking it one day at a time say the least. I know he worked for the police force and that he would never hit me, hurt me, or abuse me in any way but I wanted to be cautious my body might be able to handle it but my mind just couldnt, not anymore.

"Hala Jema, shlonich?"

"il7imdilah, inta shlonik? RASHED" he took off his hat and he had a black eye

"Ismilah 3laich, shfeech 7beebty?"

I automatically stood up and hugged him while he was sitting down, I do not know what got into me but I kissed his black eye. He looked up at me with his loving, caring deep black eyes.

"It5afeen 3ly?"

"Akeed I do, Rashed how can you ask me that"

He pulled me down into his lap, and we were locked in a mesmerizing stare, I was lifted out of my soul into another relm where it was Rashed and I alone.

"7beebty, breathe omy intay"

"I dont think I can, you have that effect on me"

"7beebty intay, Jema baby"

"Yes Rashody"


I looked down, and he placed his hand under my chin and pulled it up, our eyes interlocked.

"I will never hurt you, ana athba7 nafsy before I see you cry"




2 months later was their formal engagement party, they were to stay engaged until she finished her second year at University. Something I was looking forward to espeically since we had a few classes together.


  1. la7tha la7tha who got engaged jeema?? wila her sis?

  2. is it a true story wela min ur fantasy?;P

  3. I love Rashed! He's so sweeet! Ashwa finally Jema got what she deserves! A man she can trust and love!

    Amazing post;)

  4. khyzarana: her sister Jas

    sexy_sour_sweet: I do as well ;p

    sugar: laa its not real I have been thinking about this for a while

    Exquisite:* Thank you honey, so much ;)

    *R: lool right!

    Charmbracelet: The love or the marriage?

    lama: thanks honey ;)