March 3, 2009

fantasy part 11

I saw Rashed 3 times a week, sometimes more it all depended on his work schedule. We were not a mushy couple, we said "I love you" once and never again and that is not because we did not mean it, we showed it as opposed to saying it.


"Shfeek 3umry, you sound tired"

"ee walla minshili5 min ildawam 9ij ta3ban"

"a5aleek itnam"

"la ana raye7 ilshalaih, I took 3 days off fa bag3ad ehnak"

"Ya3nee mny shyftitik?

"7beebty embala aby shofich bs wala ma feny, 9ij ta3ban bacher inshalah I promise you!"

"um inzain can I pass by? I really miss you..."

"Akeed 7beebty 7yach, ana ma knt aby agolich I did not want to offend you ya galby"

"okaay ana yaya al7een"

His shalaih was around Samar's which was perfect. I know what you are all thinking, ehya she puts herself in these situations going over to men's places alone, but you need to understand I was in love, and Rashed and I were never sexual, we barely did anything other than holding hands I hadnt even kissed him yet. I parked my car and headed over to the front door, I walked in and called out for him, he notioned for me to join him outside. He had the grill on and 2 steaks on it.

"how do you like your steak?"

"Medium well please, im starving!"

"adree 7as feech"

"Aby something to drink"

"I just stocked up, yebely Pepsi ma3ach please"

"inshalah 7beeby!"

After dinner, we snuggled up into a one seater.


"la inkafy, mo ibkaifich ta3aly"

"ahahha Rashody"

"3yona, thank you for coming walla you just made my day!"

"that is what I am here for, girlfriend ib balash"

"hahaha ta3aly"

He pulled me closer to his chest, I heard his heart beats fluttering.

"Can you feel my heart?"

"Ee shfeek?"

"Its always like this when you are close"

I looked up into his eyes, he was a good man I man I could depend on, a man who could carry me through life I hated his work schedule, would I be willing to put up with it?

"Jema dont over think, ily alah katba ra7 e9eer"

" did you know?"

"I know its not easy being with me, I know what you went through and that is why I never tried anything I always kept my distance leana abech it3rfeen iny 9ij a7ibich o sharech o ma aby shay minich, kil ily aby inich itkoneen greba mny"

I tear escaped my eye.

"Dont you ever shed a tear when I am here"

I leaned in to give him a kiss, it was a long awaited passionate kiss. I kiss that left me light headed, a kiss that left me in a daze, it was the perfect kiss.

"laish your smiling"


"Amout 3la ily yisti7oun, 7uby btnamen 3ndy?"

I looked up at him, and suddenly a mixture of emotions washed over me, Khalid, Ya3goub, the beating, the pain, the never ending tears.

"Jema, baby shfeech?"

I jumped out of his arms, and grabbed my keys and rushed out I sped all the way home I was scared I needed to be home, in bed!

"Jema, shfeech?" Jas called out for me


I locked myself in the room for 2 weeks, Rashed called everyday, every hour for 2 weeks.

"Yuma Jema, aby akalmich shway"

"na3am yuma?"

"Fe wa7id yay e5a6buch"


"Rashed ilflani"

I stayed quiet.

"Yuma intay it7ebina?"

I nodded.

"A5alehum eyoun"

I looked up at her. "3dy ana akalma awal?"

"akeed yuma"

Calling Rashody
"7beebty? Jema is that you baby?"

"ee baby its me"

"3ash mn sim3 9outich I was so worried, ana ma adree ish9ar bs ana asif 7beebty"

"3shat ayamik...agdar ashofik?"

"akeed Jema wain taben?"

We decided on a destination and a time. He stood up when he saw me and walked up to me and embraced me in a heartfelt hug.

"I missed you so much!"

I looked up at him with tears in my eyes.

"Laish ya b3d galby, ana I told you ina you will never shed a tear with me!"

"I love you Rashed, and I do want to be your wife but lazem you promise me you will never hurt me please Rashed I cannot take it anymore I just want to be with you"

"I would never Jema, ana abech ana sharech lmn e5tefaitay matadren sh9ar feny yanait o kalamt ahaly 3shan ya56ibonich....ishrayich imwafga?"

"Of course Rashody!"

"Ya b3d 3umry intay 3sa raby e5alech ly inshalah"


  1. AWW!!!
    inshala inshala inshala he'll treat her really well she really deserves to be well treated!!
    thank you:*

  2. Awwwwwwwh wallah cute rashooodi 9iiij rayal a7is wallah i hope this ends up being sumthin gooood :)...Keep em coming :*** !!!

  3. aaaawwww - im getting ideas now. LOOOOOL

  4. AWWWWWWWWWW..thats so sweeett !!

  5. haha i like ur story..i was cnfused at first bas il7een i get it oo its really good..cant wait for more:*

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  6. someone finally!!!!!!

    7laila washoody 7abaaita
    bss madry laish i have my doubts

  7. Finicky:* : Thank you for reading, inshalah he will ;)

    BOnita_LuLu: Inshalah ;)

    3anooda: haha I hope they help you out ;)

    *R: thank you ;)

    H**A: I really enjoyed your blog ;)

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    Silhouette Crime: we will see ;p

  8. It's a great new story something very different, she doesn't seem to be able to get a break from life, it's always throwing hardships at her and so I'm glad that she has a good guy like Rashed, I hope he's good to her :/

  9. Jacqui: Thank you sweetie, inshalah she will ;)