March 4, 2009

fantasy part 12

Rashed was going to London for 3 months for a training job, and we had decided that once he was back we would make things official between us. I focused on my studies while Jas drooled over Mish3al, he truly was great we saw him on a daily basis and he was ever so attentive to Jas and her demands. My parents were going away for a few days, their second honey moon as they called it.

"ishrayik insawe 7afla?"


"walla jd, we have common friends lets have them over for a dinner, it wont be a party but we will have music"

My brother was right, we did have common friends, and we had never done such a thing it might actually be fun. That week we called up our friends, decided on the food and the music we were having the party on Thursday since it was a public holiday.

Incoming Call Rashody


"Hala galby, shlnoch?"

"zaina, inta shlonik?"


"ana akthar"

"7beebty intay, shbtsween hal weekend?"

"Bader, Jas and I are having a dinner for some friends, I wish you were here so I could show you off infront of my friends"

"ilayam yaya inshalah"


"5ala9 ya 3umry ana ma a6wil 3laich, bs knt aby asma3 9outich, msg me when your party is done"

"inshalah, bye 7beeby"


I was overjoyed that Rashed called me, that I managed to over look that fact that he called me from his Kuwaiti number and not his UK number.

We got ready and our guests started to slowly roll in. Samar introduced me to a girl whom apparently was in a class with me, her name was Fa6ma.

"Jema, honey this is Fa6ma, her sister works with me"

"Hala Fa6ma, shlonich?"

"il7imdillah Zaina, intay shloonich?"

"Tamam il7imdilah"

We started talking and I found out she was in my management class. Samar asked me about Rashed, and I explained to her who he was and this is what she said.

"that is so strange, he sounds exactly like my boyfriend"

I brushed off that small remark, it was mere coincidence.

It was dinner time, and Jas was playing the amazing host shmozing with the guests, and of course showing off her better accessory her fiance, Mish3al.

"Guess who?" A familiar voice announced from behind me, I knew who it was. My heart stopped.


"7beebty, I wanted to suprise you and I was glad when it didnt click with you inna I called min 5a6y ilkuwaiti"

"Oh my god, 9aa7 mastaw3bt!"

"Thats why I loved you, I missed you, everyday I was away I missed you more and more"

"Ya galby ana ily I missed you, it sucks here without you"

"We finished early, that is why I am back, and now we can make things official baina, and btkoneen 7alaly, aboosich kither ma aby"

"hahaha yal shai6an, yala baby lets eat I am hungry"

We were making our way to the buffet when we heard.


Rashody? Did I hear that correctly?

"Uh, Fa6ma, ehnee, ishtabeen? theba7tny"

"I was invited, 7imdilah 3la samtik 7beeby, what are you doing here? and why havent you called me?"

"Um, Rashed, whats going on baby?"

"Baby, sweetie he is mine....this is my boyfriend!"

"This is MY fiance"

"E7a9ulich Rashood"

"Rashed, could you please say something" Samar interuptted

"Yes I can, emshaw inrou7 foug"

We headed to the upstairs living room. Yes, I was mad, furious but I did not let him go, I needed the support because all I could think about at that point was...its happening to me again, finally I find a man he is great and now he has a girlfriend?

"Fa6oom, 2lf mara gaylich its was over a year ago, it was over 6 months ago, it was over before I left to London and guess what ITS STILL OVER, shtaben yaya bait 5a6enty jidam rabi3na, fe'9a7tena"

"Rashed, 7beeby adree you need time to think about things, and adree she is just a fling bs laish itgu9 3laiha o itgolaha ina you will marry are suppose to marry me.....please marry me"
she broke down in tears "MA AGDAR AHIDIK...A7IBIK.....WALA IN MA TIZAWJTNY 9ADGENY RA7 TINDAM....wala ma ahidha kil MAYET 3laiha bl jam3a...laish ma t5aleny a5ithik inta"

"Fa6ma I think you should leave" Samar said


"Ha, mu bkaifich yala bly 7af'6ich"

"Rashed please, just think about it....please 3la shany!"

"Fa6ma 5ala9 yuba rou7ay"

Fa6ma left but her words stayed ringing in my mind. She did not seem like she was ready to let go of him, its been a year and she still has not let go of him.

"Baby, Jema, I am so sorry 7beebty, umy intay please sam7eny wala I thought I was done with her"

"But she called you before you left to London?"

"She called o 3baly taby shay ana knt ib London already fa I told walla nothing is going on"


"Baby, Jema....lets enjoy ourselves okay?"

"Um, inzain let me freshen up shway o anzil, Samar come with me please"

We headed over to my room, before the door shut I slammed to the floor.

"I cant Samar walla I cant, astgfar allah laish kil shay e9erly? ana shsawait? wala I am a good person, laish kil il mu9ayeb it9erly ana.....I knew he was too good to be true!"

"t3withay mn iblees Jema, nothing is wrong with him, it was a misunderstanding mithel ma shfaty"

"bs you heard her, she wont leave us alone, she is in class with me she could do anything"

"Do you want me to talk to her sister?"

"a5af her sister doesnt know"

"Okay w7na shako, ana agoulaha your sister is a psycho"

"hahaha Samar!"

"Jema, hun, lata7rimena min hal ' are finally happy, you are finally at ease and comfort with yourself, and Rashed is great mama dont let him go!"


"yala gomay freshen up o come back down and enjoy your party and the food, I made chocolate cake 7g mino?"


"and the guests, bs okay 7gich"

"hahah wain Fawaz?"

"He had a dinner bs he should be on his way now"

"okay yalla emshay"

We went back down to our guests and I stood next to Rashed as he made small talk with everyone, yes I wanted to be with Rashed, yes I couldnt wait to start our lives together but something was just not right. I knew that was not the end of Fa6ma, she has been chasing him for a year, she wouldnt just give up.

I was terrified of what Sunday was going to bring.


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