March 2, 2009

Fantasy part 9

I was in a daze throughout the summer, I hardly left the house and as much as I needed my time alone to think, I was grateful my family, and Mish3al surrounded me.

"So James?" (my new nickname given to me by none other than the hottie doctor)

"Yes Mike?" (his new nicknames given to him by me)

"I saw its about time you headed out of your imprisonment and faced the world, shrayich?"

"Um, ily tshoufa Mish3al"

"La, ana aby ily ery7ich...itha intay mirta7a 3la hal wa'63 then by all means stay in, but sooner or later you are going to have to leave your haven and face the world"

To be frank, I was scared out of my skin from facing the world, as you have noticed I havent been so lucky with my life. I knew I was never street smart, but the whole incident with Ya3goub proved just how senseless I was. I agreed to go out with the family, I was not ready to see my friends. We headed over to Taal at Bidi3. And yes, Mish3al was with us.

"Badoory, till when is Mish3al planning on hanging out ma3ana?"

"You dont like him?"

"Mo 3n, bs I mean dont you find it awkward that he is constantly around the house and the family?"

"You dont remember? Plus I think he wants you"

"What, what happened?"

"Mo wagta al7een, agoulich lmn inrid il bait okay?"

Not my memory rellapsing...what was his story? Did he tell me his story?


"yuma alah e5alech lat5aleny bro7y ma3aha, i5theny ma3ach"

"Mish3al, ishfeek 3la Ranleen?"

"Walla kila she hits me and touches me, yuma alah e5alech wadeny ma3ach bait yady walla ma az3ijich, ma agoul wla kilma 7u6ny bl '3urfa o giflay 3lay, lat5aleny ma3aha"

Mish3al was an only son with parents that knew nothing about him, his mother's first priority was to be seen in the latest and he finest, and his father lived his own life in the diwanya. Mish3al was home alone, day in and day out with the house maids and his driver, his driver was the only male figure in his life. The parents never took him anywhere to see anyone or meet anyone. All he had was himself, his materialistic positions and his imagination, and what an imagination he had. Ranleen was the house nanny, she enjoyed beating him up every now and then, and since she knew the parents would never be as attentive as to look under his clothes for proof of her abuse she was at ease. Lately, not only has she been beating him up, she has been touching him, nothing sexual just touching him and threatening to chop off his genitals if he ever showed his parents his bruises. At age 10 his parents came home to a mute son. He just stopped talking, for 3 years Mish3al said nothing, he was a smart boy he went to school, listened to his teachers and aced everything excpet the oral part.

He never told anyone what had happened. Meeting my family and feeling at ease with them was his second chance at having a normal childhood with normal and caring parents. He never over stepped his bounderies or his stay but he made it a habbit to pass by every few days. My parents saw him as potential husband for me, little did they know he had his eye on my sister, Jas who at the time of my accident was 18.

Summer rolled in and out in a flash of an eye, and before I knew it the semester was starting. Physically all the changed about my appearance is the amount of weight I lost, a scar on my lip and one on my right cheek, other than that I looked fine. My friends were told the accident story and having the scars just proves it. As much as I was fearing being out in the world, I enjoyed my freedom away from everyone.

I had to stay late on campus one day to work on something, and by the time I was done it was already dark outside. I took out my car keys and my phone and hurried on to my car, it was a long walk and for some peculiar reason I was not at ease, I kept looking over my shoulder. I knew someone was watching me, I felt his presence. Just as I was about to shut my car door.




"Ya3goub please wa5er 3ny, you shouldnt be here"

"3yal wain? Prison?"

My heart was racing, I quickly scanned the parking lot hoping, praying someone would show up, anyone.

"9adgeny mafy a7ad '3airy, you know you really turned out to be a stupid stupid girl, ma adree shloun ahalich trust you to be alone"

"please, let me go.." I managed to say in between my tears.

I turned to my left to look at him, all I saw was his fist. He carried me out of my car and threw me in the backseat of his escalade. I woke up soar, and not from my head injury, I saw him drivig, I slowly tried to lift my head up, but everything was a blur to me.

3 hours later I woke up to find myself in a bed, in an unknown room, in the far corner a man sat there eying me.

"Ana wain? please 5alony arou7!!"

The man ran over to me and covered my mouth with his hand, I have always heard in movies that you see your life flash by you when you know you are about to die. All I saw flashing in front of me were my failurea, I wanted to die. No human deserves to go through what I have been through, I was a good person, yes maybe not as wise as others, or as smart as others and definitely not as lucky as others, all I could think about was my sister and Mish3al and how I am ready to go through all of this, to die, just so she would never feel harm in her life.

"Jema, please sm3eny, ya3goub nayem in the next room and if he hears you we wont be able to go, nod if you understand kalamy"

I slowly nodded, trying to fight back my tears.

"Ismy Rashed, Ya3goub thinks im helping him, bs il9ar7a im helping you, I am going to try and sneak you out bs you need to be extra quiet leana if he hears us intay ily ra7 taklenha, 9adgeny il wald mo 9a7y"

I just looked at Rashed, I could not help but feel at ease in his presence, his eyes were consoling, comforting, something I needed right now. Yes, I did not know him, and yes he could have been lying but right now what were my options. Him.

"Jema, fhamty ily glta?"

"Ee Rashed"

He smiled.

"Yala, ta3aly"

He took my hand, and peeped out of the door and listened for Ya3goubs snoring, he then pulled me slowly down the stairs and out of the door. We ran to his car and drove off. He kept looking at his rear view mirror, he drove a truck and we were worried the engine might have awakened Ya3goub.

"Ra7 agi6ich baitkum o barou7 3nd ilshur6a"

"They wont do anything"

"Dont worry about that, intay are you okay your clothes are covered in blood, did he touch you?"

I quickly examined my body and found some bruises and cuts, one on my head and one across my thighs.

"5ala9 3yal awadech il mustashfa, kalmay ahalich let them meet us"

I looked at him, what did he expect me to tell my parents? My messed up ex boyfriend, the one who use to drug me for sex, beat me up, raped me, dragged me to his shalaih and now his "friend" rescued me? Replaying that in my mind gave me shivers. Rashed pulled me in closer to him, and wrapped his arms around me. I rested my head on his chest and fell asleep.


We needed to catch him but I didnt want an innocent girl to be the victim of his heinous acts. I called him in, and he should be arrested by now. How could he have done that to her, she looks like an angel, so delicate so fragile. Mashalah 3laiha she is strong to have put up with his abuse.

Rashed was in the maba7ith, he was one of the youngest members there and decided to work "under cover" to catch Ya3goub in the middle of his actions, and maybe catch his drug dealer, I was the victim in this, thats not what they hoped for but it had happened.

3 months later

Ya3goub was trialed and locked up, my parents were still oblivous to the truth and for once I felt at ease.

1 message received +96599******
I was wondering if you do me the honor of letting me take you out to dinner.

Sorry, who is this?

1 message received +96599******
Rashed ilX--

I would love to.


  1. inshallah 3ad Rashed yi6la3 rayyal zain - maskeena 7a'6ha na7s

  2. She is such a fighter, wala I hope Rashed is a good man she needs it!

    i LOVE your story!

  3. aww poor thing.. shes so strong

    i love this :)

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    i love it!!!!! <3
    Poor Jema;(

  6. Rashid to the rescue:D bes inshala yi6la3 5osh wa7id.. wa3alaya jeema matitraga3

  7. love;** it feels so good reading your comments again:*
    so mish3al wanted her sister?
    and i really hope Rashed turns out to be good for once maskeena she put up through a lot:s

  8. I hope Rashed turns out to be good. Maskeena she really deserves a better life with a better man.

    thanks for the post:*

  9. 3anooda: so far he is ;)

    love ;** welcome back sweetie, you have been missed....thank you for reading it means a lot coming from you ;)

    *R: I really enjoyed your blog

    coco grace: thank you ;)

    sexy_sour_sweet: sorry I had some work to get caught up with ;)

    khayzarana: shftay shloun ;[

    Finicky:* I agree about seeing love's comment she has been missed by us all, yes he wanted her sister, inshalah he will be ;)

    Exquisite:* I agree...your welcome ya galby I am glad you are enjoying it ;)