February 26, 2009


A few of my readers are confused about my story, please let me know what you would like me to clear up before moving on the next post.

I hope you are enjoying the story, none of it is real I am making it up as I go, its just a topic I always wanted to write about.

Thank you.


  1. i love it !!
    it's clear .. and sounds so real to me !
    mish3al i guess he is more of a pure guy :)

  2. Mish3al is the doctor ?
    Bader is her ex husband
    fawaz is samars husband but bnafs il wakt its jemas cousin ..
    tell me if im right !=)

  3. i kinda got confused with all the blacking out and what not...

    oo b3dain meno fawaz hatha a9lan? oo shako e6egha even if he's samar's husband, ay a7ad e6eg rfeejat murta ya3ny?

    oo meno bader hatha ba3ad?

    i thought her ex esma khalid!

    me confused all over...sorry =\

  4. I seriously LOVE your blog!!!
    your stories are amazingggggg!

  5. Charmbracelet and Dandooon:

    Mish3al is the doctor

    Khalid is the ex-husband

    Bader is her brother

    Jas his her sister

    Ya3goub is the ass :p

    Fawaz is her cousin wld 5alt-ha o samar bnt 3mha

    1st blackout was after reading ya3goubs text, her body couldnt handle the drug, 2nd blackout was from Fawaz and 3rd blackout was her shock when she found out what had really happened to her.

    Zaina: Thank you honey so much for reading

    -F-: Thank you, we will wait and see, havent thought that far yet ;p

  6. ahaa i was just confused about fawaz, thnxx

  7. people 3ala ma truth itnazil visit this blog the story is really good

    Truth: i hope you won't mind me posting this:*

  8. I only started reading you're story yesterday and I'm hooked! I'm half way through it:] I'm actually new to blog and i've been inspired by all you amazing writers to start my own :]