February 4, 2009


Fai9al: ishfeech baby sis, shaklich shftay ghost!

Lulu: haha la I though I saw someone from work!

Fai9al brushed off my remark, he knew it was more than someone from work. We payed the bill and headed out to the car. I was just about to get into the passenger seat, when I heard.

3bdullah: Lulwa?

Lulu: great, hala 3bdullah. Fai9al this is Dr.3bdullah ilX my boss, 3bdullah these are my brothers, this is Fai9al, 6alal and Marzouq.

He shaked their hands, and said hello

3bdullah: I am sorry to bother you I just wanted to say hi. fur9a s3eeda.

Fai9al: 7beeby walla, i7na as3ad!

We drove back home in silence, except for 6alal and Zooz's bickering in the back. We stopped at our favorite Gelatto place got some for the family and headed home.

I went up to my room, took a shower because I wanted to curl my hair. I was curling my hair when Fai9al walked in with Chai 7leeb for me and him. This meant he wanted to talk. He closed the door behind him and sat at the couch that faced me.

Fai9al: your boss looks, uh nice.

Lulu: Ee he is a great boss.

Fai9al: Baby girl, tell me.

Lulu: There is nothing to say Fai9el. His father owns the company, I am just an employee. He could get any and every girl he wanted, if not with his looks then with his money. Fa I dont fit in anywhere.

Fai9al: I hate it when you talk like that, cham mara agoulich intay mafech shay. I wish you could see yourself the way I see you. You are amazing, strong, sweet, and you are beautiful inside and out. I look up to you in every way Lulwa, mita your gonna snap out of this world of yours and realize ina 2lf wa7id yitmanach!

I loved Fai9al, he always knew what to say to make me feel good. I was not gorgeous but I have been called pretty a few times. I was 158 cm, very curvy with straight light brown hair up to my shoulders. My hair was one length and I had side bangs, I had big brown eyes with full lips and a small nose, too small for my face. I always thought I was just an average looking girl, Kuwait is filled with flawlessly gorgeous girls. I was very normal looking compared to them.

Lulu: Thanks 7beeby!

Zooz marched in demanding I give him his goodnight kiss, and when he saw fai9al in my room, and Friends on the tv screen he made himself comfortable in my bed and before we knew it he was fast asleep. 20 minutes later 3lawi, a7mad and 6alool marched into my room, 3lawi squeezed in next to me, 6alal and a7mad sat on the floors.

I loved this.

I loved my brothers.

But I couldnt get him out of my mind!


  1. Dandooon- thank you, yeah I love those days. Thank you for reading ;)

  2. wanaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaa il 3ayla il kareeema .. there was a time when my family used to be like that bas now ma7ad la khilg il thani :s

  3. Anonymous: i7na once a month ily kilina nityam3 its usually just me, fai9al and marzouq il bajy laheen, I think it is different because I am their only sister

  4. That is so adorable I wish I had brothers hehe a house filled with sisters can get crazy sometimes :s

  5. awwwwwww i love this so much! i wish i had brothers! :(

  6. Jacqui- Yala I will swap a brother for a sister. It would be nice to have someone to talk to!

    tigerlilly- I have a few extra I can loan you one ;p

  7. Allah y5aleelich eyahom ya rab :)