February 4, 2009


I hope none of my brothers see him, well they might just think its a random man following me, unless he decides he wants to speak to me. I love my brothers I really do, however, being an only girl with 5 brothers...need I say more?

3lawi: Baby sis, shloonich? 3lamich mit25ra ilyoum? oo oo 7mani shouf il vanquish

Lulu: I had to work late, Hi 7mani shlonik?

3lawi was 28 and is a teaching English ib ma37ad technalogia. The pay was good and he enjoyed his job but he just did not want to settle down. 7amni was our neighbour and 3lawi's best friend, they were attached at the hip we would call them the married couple. 7amni always had a thing for me, and to be honest I thought he would have asked my hand in marriage a long time ago, but I guess I am not the one for him. We live in a society were your family name defines who you can and cannot marry.

Dont get me wrong, I come from a middle class family. My father was an engineering professor at KU. My mom was an accountant for a major company. However, supporting 6 children can be pricey. I got everything I asked for, however, I never asked for more than they could afford.
So it was 3lwai 28, Me 26, A7mad 24, Fai9al 21, 6alal 16, and Marzouq 12.

Lulu: Hi mama, whats for lunch?

Mom: Machbous la7am mama.

Fai9al: luluty, ishrayich we go out to eat?

Even though Fai9al was 5 years younger than me, we were close. I talked to him about everything and he came to me for everything. He was in his 3rd year studying mechanical engineering. He was the good son, the one who stayed home, listened to the parents and never got into trouble.

Lulu: ee okay just us?

Fai9al: la lets take 6alool o Zooz 7aram they were studying all week.

Fai9al drove, and we headed over to Chilies, it was Marzouq's favorite restaurant, remember he is only 12. We settled into the booth and quickly started to argue about what we wanted to order.

I love my brothers to death, and I am so lucky to have an understanding brother like Fai9al. 3lawi and A7med are very over protective, but I am their only sister. My nickname in the family was baby sis. Even the younger boys called me that.

Lulu: Zooz whats wrong?

Marzouq: bagolikum shay bs dont laugh please. A girl gave me a love letter ilyoum, o I dont like her, I mean she is just a friend.

My little brother is growing up.

Fai9al: uh ok did you talk to her?

Marzouq: min 9ijik? fashla shagolaha I dont like you

6alal: La ya 7mar tell her we are friends, mino hal 9y3a ily at 12 sending love letters.

Lulu: 6alal, ma a7ib hal kalam!

6alal: sorry baby sis

We told Marzouq what to do.

You know the feeling you get when you know you are being watched? I had that feeling. I did not want to look, to make it obvious, so I slowly lifted my eyes up to meet his gaze.

It was him. What was he doing here? Did they finish?


  1. heey I just started reading your story and I like it! keep it up! xx

  2. is it a true story wila la2?

  3. Dandooon- thank you, I hope you like it!

    tigerlilly- thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Thank you for your kind words!

    Anonymous: It is a true story. Names and certain things have been changed!

  4. Awwww cute so far hehehe reading the next parts :P

  5. Jacqui- I am glad you like it ;)

  6. ' My father was an engineering professor at KU. My mom was an accountant for a major company. '

    thats not middle class :S lool sij q8 if u think thats middle class!!

  7. Anonymous- wow the coincidence, I am sorry I hope I didnt offend you when I said Middle Class. I just said that due to family name (mine) you know they type of country we live in, how your family name defines a lot.

    Once again I hope my remark did not offend you. I am sorry !

  8. nooo loool i didnt mean thaat MY father was an engineer..etc.; i took that as a quote from ur post! , ina in reference to ur parent's jobs, that would not be considered middle class anywhere in the world...what i meant to say ina only in kuwait would it be considered middle class if u had a professor for a dad, and an accountant for a mother... ya3ni everwhere else u'd be considered upper class, u know wat i mean? fa u should be proud...

    btw is this a real story?

  9. anonymous: oh lool, I am really slow :p And yeah you are right only in Kuwait is that considered Middle Class.

    Yes it is a true story, names, and some events have been changed for the privacy of the people but other than that it is all true.