February 6, 2009


I called up 3ysha before I parked my car and asked her if she was in the mood for a shopping trip the next morning, followed by complete physical pampering. She agreed. Perfect.

I emailed my coworker, informing him that I will not be coming into he office.

Marzouq and 6alal were already asleep since I did not get in until 11:30. I joined my parents in the living room for some hot milk before bed. 3lawi and a7mad just got back from the dewaniya.

3lawi: Tadroon 7myin yaby yitzawaj?

I brushed off the look my mother gave me.

Dad: Ee zain esawi, you are 28 ly mita b3d?

3lawi: b3dain inshalah.

3lawi and I were only 2 years apart, however, he never came to me for anything, unlike the rest of my brothers and I could tell my brother was hiding a lot!

I went to bed, excited about my day with Shosho. I woke up at 10, called Shosho and she informed me she went in to the office to sign some release forms and asked me to pick her up from her office.

I got up, washed up wore my favorite white floral dress, with my yellow ballerinas. I put my hair up in a pony tail, got into my car and headed over to Shosho's office.

Lulu: ana ta7at.

Shosho: come on up I want you to meet my friend

Lulu: okay.

I parked my car, and headed up to her office.

I walked in to her office, and there he was a tall drink of something yummy, and very sexy.

Shosho: 3mour this is Lulu ilX my soul mate.

3mr: Hala wala Lulu

He walked over to me to shake my hand. I could not close my jaw. He was handsome.

Lulu: Ahlain 3mr, shloonik?

Shosho: 3moury was working in Washington for 4 years, he just got back.

3mr: Before you begin embarrassing me, ana asta2thin my friend na6erny ta7at. Fur9a sa3eeda Lulu inshalah ashofich mara thanya!

Lulu: Ana as3ad. I hope sooner than later.

We got into my car and I explained everything to Shosho. I wanted a complete new wardrobe. Shosho was the perfect candidate for this mission since everything she owned was colorful, unlike me. I was plain, simple very boring and expected. I wanted a brand new closet and I did not care how many credit cards I had to max out.

We headed over to Avenues since you got the best of both worlds. We had to keep going back to the car to drop the shopping bags that quickly weighed us down. I bought dresses, skirts, tops, pants, shoes, shoes and more shoes.

We had lunch at Maki before heading over to the saloon. I chopped my hair off. It barely covered my neck, and I added layers to give it a more volume. I died my hair a dark caramel color. I had 7mam ma'3riby to scrub down my whole body, got a facial, my nails done and lastly the most relaxing 2 hour massage. I felt fresh, clean and most importantly I felt like a new person.

My trunk and my back seat were covered with shopping bags, and with the help of my younger brother, and both nannies we managed to get everything into my room. Shosho came over to set our my wardrobe for the next 2 weeks. She took care of every detail all the way down to my accessories.

a7mad: yah yah yah mino hal 7ilwa?

Lulu: Do you like it? Its not too short?

a7med: min 9ijich intay, you look great, you are glowing. Ee now you look your age mo awal you looked like a grandmother.

Fai9al: mino hal gumar?

Lulu: Okay, okay I got it you are embarrassing me. By the way where is mama and baba?

a7med: They had to go to Egypt, baba is thinking about teaching a course there for the summer fa they went to figure out the contract.

Lulu: I love how I am the last to know.

Marzouq: Lulu, can you please help me with my homework? Oh baby sis you look so pretty.

I helped Marzouq with his homework.

Marzouq: Baby sis?

Lulu: Yes 7beeby?

Marzouq: are you happy?

Lulu: haha yes sweetie I am, why are you asking?

Marzouq: I dont know I just love you, you are my sister and I want you to be happy.

I hugged my brother.

Marzouq: shftay shloun lmn oboy o omy mo bl deera il kil bl bait.

Lulu: haha you are right.

3lawi: ha 5al9taw?

Lulu: ee

a7med: Good, lets go out to dinner all of us

Fai9al: 3yal 3my are coming

a7med: ok wtha ya3nee uhma mithel i5wana, yala goumaw badlaw

We all changed, and piled into 3lawis Yukon, and we headed over to Nino's. Being around my cousins and brothers made me forget about yesterdays shameful events.

We drove around for a while, before getting some ice cream and heading back home. It was a pleasant evening, this day was perfect. I could not wait till the next morning, I wanted to strut into the office with my new look, and my new attitude.

I went to bed thinking about him.

His perfect features.

I couldnt wait to see him again.



  1. i love this oo 7ada i want brothers akbar miny oo being the only sister 7ada wanasa

  2. huuh? So she likes 3oumar? Mu her boss?? Please 9!!!

  3. lol!

    chenny 7abbait 3mr more than her stuck-up boss ;)

    bs mo chenna shosho 7a6a 3ainha 3aleh? ;Pp

  4. weyh.. wallah galbha 5a'6ar heheh

  5. wa7da_09: being the only girl has its ups and downs, but for the most part its great ;)

    Charmbracelet: I went to bad that night thinking about 3mr!

    Dandooon: Next part will clarify everything.

    M: ;)

  6. nothing beats a makeover to make a person more confident!!