February 9, 2009


I put my phone down, and tried to focus on Mona to settle my nerves. What should I do? I can't come out and bluntly tell him I am falling for your cousin, I hardly knew him. The idea of hurting him would kill me.

Love is not hard.

Love hurts.

Mona: Lula, are you even in there?

Lulu: Mona, say I had a friend, and she started dating someone recently and his best friend seems to have taken interest in her, what should she do?

Mona: So are you dating 3mr aw 3bdullah?

Lulu: Is it that obvious?

Mona: The fact that they are both staring at you from across the area would concur that yup it is.

Lulu: So they are both here?

Mona: Yup, at Starbucks, if you slightly turn your head to the right you would see them. I don't think you should though

Lulu: Mona..

Mona: Lulwo itha btgoleenly please don't tell anyone wala bagoum a6igich, we have worked together for 5 years sweetie I wont tell I promise. Now I can live through you, and your messy triangle.

Lulu: I dont know what to do, I have had a crush on 3bdullah since I can remember, and then his charming cousin comes out of the blue and, we have so much in common. He is charismatic, he has character, educated, cultured, just perfect. But 3bdullah.

Just like that, I sank into my own thoughts. I was confused, and lost and I did not know what to do.

Mona and I headed back to the office, and after 4 endless hours, and a migraine I got behind my steering wheel and headed home. I missed my parents and was excited to see them.

I walked in, and heard them all upstairs, I asked Damena to prepare lunch for me and I went to join my family. I stayed quiet for the most part, I had my lunch and excused myself. I hardly napped but today I think I needed one, especially since everyone in the house was taking one.

I got into my comfy PJ, shut the shutters and the blinds, and went to sleep.

I first dreamt about 3bdullah, but 3mr found his way into my dream, I woke up with a pounding heart and a vibrating phone.

Lulu: Aloo

3bdullah: mhmm

Lulu: hahaha 9a7 ilnoum

3bdullah: hmmm

Lulu: Baby itha still nayem laish you call

3bdullah: 3shan asma3 9outich

Lulu: Can I see you?

3bdullah: min '3air ma ts2leen, wain?

Lulu: F7ai7eel?

3bdullah: Okay, ana bagoum I get ready.

Lulu: 3boudy

3bdullah: 3youna

Lulu: Can we meet somewhere, so we drive there together?

3bdullah: I thought you would never ask.

We decided on where to meet, and since Mona told me I could use her as my excuse, I sent her a text informing her and she let me know where she is and with whom.

After checking in on Marzouq and his homework, I excused myself and headed towards the destination we decided on. There he was, but no in his Aston Martin. He was in a black Cayenne Turbo S, completely tinted.

I parked next to him, and casually slid into the front seat.

Lulu: New car?

3bdullah: You can say that. You don't have to worry about being seen 7beebty.

He changed gears, placed his hand in mine and we headed over to our new hangout. We talked, we laughed, and we gazed at each other. Things were perfect, so why did I have to think about 3mr?

We stayed there for 2 hours, and headed back. He parked his car next to me, and turned his headlights off and turned around to look at me. He was playing with each finger, stroking my hands lightly. I needed something to slow down my racing heart.

3bdullah: I love our outings.

Lulu: Me too

3bdullah: 7beebty intay

I looked down, I was so flustered and at a loss for words.

3bdullah: fedait ily tist7y

Lulu: I should be going now.

3bdullah: haha okay 7beebty, ana ra7 aw9lich ilbait

He kissed my arm and watched me get out of his car and into mine. He waited for me to reverse and then he followed me home to make sure I arrived safely.

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