February 20, 2009


The next few months were simply unyielding. I did not accept any of his calls, I did not reply to any of his messages and at work I kept it professional.

He looked devastating, simple heart breaking. I wanted to rush over to him and hug him. I wanted him to wrap me in his arms and tell me everything is going to be okay.

This went on for 4 months, and his mother called every week for 4 months. Sure, you are thinking if his mother called why did I not give in? Well, after every phone she made it clear that this is what her son wanted, and not what they wanted.

I felt like a robot. My life had fallen into a routine. Work, home, sleep..... That was my life.

No social life.

On the 4th month.

Shosho: Lulu, babe can I borrow your black heels, Mine don't look good with my dress.

Lulu: Sure.

Shosho: Thanks 7beebty.

Lulu: You look nice, where you off to?

Shosho: Oh, umm, 3mr's engagement party.

I was staring aimlessly at the television, flipping through the channels not looking for anything specific, I just needed to waste time.

I froze, and turned my attention away from the television.

Lulu: He got engaged?

Shosho: Ee, to a girl I work with. I recommended her and they hit it off.

Lulu: How long have the known each other?

Shosho: More than 9 months ago I think.

6 months, so he was with her while he was pursing me? Did he do all of that to destroy what 3bdullah and I had. And her, she kept talking to me about him. What happened to her? What changed her into this evil person.

I hate her.

I really do.

Lulu: Alah ehaneehum!

Shosho: Ee, il fal lich inshalah!

Lulu: ahaa.

3lawi: Shosho, 7beebty yalla mama we dont want to be late!

Great, now my brother is friends with him.

1 new message


1 new message
I need you

Me more

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Marry me

I cant

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Laish? Please explain to me please...

I just cant!

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Okay, Lulu I am done.
I am done hurting.
I am done crying, I am done chasing you!

Okay 3bdullah!

Incoming call 3bdullah

Lulu: yeah

3bdullah: Bs chithi okay?

Lulu: What do you want me to say?

3bdullah: That you love me, that you want me in your life please baby please Luluty dont do this to me, dont do this to us please honey....

Lulu: 3bdullah

3bdullah: galba, 3youny, 3umry kila intay please Lulu I need you!

Lulu: bye 3bdullah.

Love really hurts.


  1. yalla 3aaaaaad let them have a happy ending sheno laykon hathee il ending!!!

  2. why is she being like that!

    eshda3wa ya3ny even if her mom doesnt like her, shes accepting the fact, mo ena byhed ahla 3shanha!

    shes too stubborn..shes doing this ti herself =@


  3. i dont know wat to say :(
    i think ana heart broken more then he is :P ishlon 9ayra hathi ma3dri :P

  4. 7aram maskeen ihwa shareeha! he wants her! and he's making him suffer for nothing it's obvious just let her tell him! waay he broke my heart poor thing 7ta ihya maskeena!
    ee walah love really hurts:s

  5. laish lulu latsawin chithy:( 7araam explain to him o ba3dain el om called many times 3an el da3al3 :@
    latsawin ib 3abaaaadi chithy :'(
    ayy galbiii :(