February 4, 2009


Lulwa: Dr 3bdullah, I am sorry to disturb you but I am going to need those signatures from you please. Mazin signed his and we are all waiting on you

3bdullah: ee tefa'6aly Lulwa, bs kan fee mistake mino wag3 3la 100 shipments?

Lulwa: Dr.3bdulmi7sen

3bdullah: aah itha il walid waga3 ma agdar agoul shay 3shan la nitma95ar bl bait hahah

He was making a joke? Was he attempting to flirt with me?

Lulwa: If that would be all, ana ast2thin

I left his office feeling like a little child that didnt understand what the grown ups were talking about. I had to focus we were doing the annual income sheets and I couldnt mess up. Why did I volunteer you ask, since I was in HR and it is not our job to to the income sheets, or the balance sheets. Simple. Their accountant was an idiot. Dr.3bdulmi7sen sent out an email asking anyone with any form of accounting background to volunteer and help them out. To be honest I don't really have a life. I enjoyed going out with friends every now and then, I just didn't like being around people, they scared me!

3bdullah: Lulwa, could you please come into my office

Lulwa: Inshalah

3bdullah: If you need to leave I understand. It is getting late o ma aby a5arich 3n baitich aw rylich.

Lulwa: I should be heading home, bs uh to bait il walid....ana mo mtzwja

was that a smile on his face? La no way!

3bdullah: 3yal yala ana b3d bmshee ashtery 3sha 7g il group mara wa7da awa9lich your car.

Lulwa: um, uhh....

3bdullah: shfeech tbal3mty?

Lulwa: la salamtik, mafeny shay bs ayeb a'3ra'6y, dgeega.

Wait, he is just being nice. He is doing his job as my boss especially since I am the only female working late. B3dain a catch like him would never look at me, would never be interested in me. I just need to brush this off.

We met at the elevator, I stayed completely silent which worked out great since he was a chatterbox. We headed over to the employee parking lot.

3bdullah: ana r7 aw9lich ilbait leana its late o fe wayed gahawy ehny o wayed shabab.

Lulwa: la walla Dr.3bdullah latkalif 3la 7alik, I will be okay trust me

3bdullah: awaln ly mita btsamny Dr.3bdullah, you know I dont like it o thanyan mino gal ib kaifich, yala rkbay o 5aleny amasheech.

I had no words to say. He truly was a gentleman, but their family men were known to be players only wanting the hottest, richest girls and I dont fall in neither category.

Lulwa: il7imdillah 3la kil 7al.