February 24, 2009

Fantasy part 1

Khalid: thelfay, a9alan ana ibtilasht feech blsha, mino '3airy yabeech, by5a, o di3la, o sa5efa, jaikara o mteena, mat3arfeen itsolfeen? mat7seen? Tadreen shloun intay 6alag bl thalth bly my7af'6ich BARA!

I walked out of my husbands house and headed towards my parents. This happened every few months since we got married. We were not compatable, we both knew it, it was an arranged marriage and I guess he liked what my parents had to offer, and what their name stood for.

Here I am a 21 year old girl and divorced. Dont get me wrong, I was not heavy, I might not have been a perfect 10, but I had a an okay body. I had long light brown hair, and matching eyes. I didnt go to school I got married right after high school.

Here is how it all started...


  1. ;\ maskeena..can't wait for the next post;*

  2. Queen Bee: Do you like the beginning, its fictional it just popped into my head ;) let me know what you think please!

  3. O o ooo loooving this ;*

    I am glad you decided to keep writing!

  4. i still think about your actual story!
    still cant get over it... sometimes i think if i ever will get something as close as what you had!
    woman, you are a SURVIVOR!

    goodluck with your new story :)


  5. Halo: Thank you ;)

    E: Oh honey, many people have been in my shoes I am not the first, and certainly not the last to have loved and lost. Inshalah you find someone and inshalah you two last forever ;)

    Thank you ;)

  6. niiice start ;)...glad ur writing again :**