February 12, 2009


Nothing 7beeby, I am on my way to work

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5ara3tny, gmt a7aty

lool, sorry baby ;*

I wanted to be okay, I wanted to just brush off everything 3mr told me. I wanted to believe him with all my heart.

I just couldn't. I knew this was too good to be true.

Mona: Shfeech? You left early today.

I shut her office door behind me, and began to weep. I was turning into an emotional wreck and was hating it.

I updated her about my morning encounter with 3mr.

Mona: Lulu, honey intay you are like my sister now and I am sorry to tell you but do you honestly belive that he will marry you? Oppose his parents choice?

Another thing I was not expecting to hear.

Love Hurts.

Lulu: I have not thought about it.

Mona: Maybe it is time to think about it.

Lulu: We have not been dating for a year.

Mona: Okay, but you are 26.

Age. It dictates our life. After a certain age society gives up on us, we are "old". We have no chance of getting married, which is every mothers nightmare.

It was my mothers nightmare.

It was my nightmare.

Incoming call 3bdullah
Lulu: Aloo?

3bdullah: wainich?

Lulu: I am in Mona's office, is something wrong?

3bdullah: La 7beebty, why do you always think like that, bs I passed by your office and it was empty fa I was disappointed leana ma ka7alt 3ainy ib shoftich.

Lulu: Um, I will talk to you later.

3bdullah: 5oush ta9refa hathy, ok 3la ra7tich.

I had upset him, I could tell from his tone I just did not know what the right response would be.

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3mr is joining us in Dubai?

Ee berou7 il workshop, ishdarach?

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Shosho told me.

That was the first time I lied to him.

Dont worry about him though.

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Why would I baby, all that matters is us being together.

B3d 3umry ;*

The day passed by very slowly, there was not much work to do yet everyone stayed in their office.

Incoming call Shosho
Lulu: Hello there

Shosho: Hii, are you free for lunch?

Lulu: Yes I am, you have something in mind?

Shosho: Yup, I need to talk to you.

Lulu: Okay call me when you are here.

I walked over to Mona's office and she informed me she was having lunch with her sisters.


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Barou7 lunch ma3a Shosho, ayeblik shay ma3ay?

La 7beebty bl 3fya, we are ordering in.

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Alah e3afeek, okay honey ;*

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Im downstairs.

I headed over to the elevator and then out to Shosho's car. We both did not want to eat so we decided on going to Coffee bean.

Shosho: I hate how things are between us now, I feel like I no longer have my best friend.

Lulu: Well you said it, you are a married woman.

Shosho: What is that suppose to mean?

Lulu: Ask yourself, you keep saying that to Mona and I.

Shosho: I just mean I no longer want to do things I use to do prior to 3lawi.

Lulu: So you dont want to do things you did 8 years ago?

Shosho: Why are you being bitchy.

Lulu: Its a side effect of being frigged.

Shosho: Look, Lulu I am sorry. I just want the best for you, and that is why I think you should consider 3mr.

Lulu: Inshalah.

Shosho: Unless you have someone.

I just looked at her.

It was such an awkward outing. I didn't know how to act around my own best friend. She turned into someone completely new. Someone I could no longer understand.

It was sad.

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  1. chena shosho 9ayra '3atheetha!!! oo just talk to 3bdallah about marriage if he's not serious then give 3mr a chance

  2. Shosho awana married woman .. Prior to 3lawi u were dating him!!for the past 7 years shu frgat al7een?

  3. Wai3 3mrr is annoying mee! and tell him about 3mr ! and i loove ur quick updates !!=**

  4. i hate this shosho person tra =@

    mn youm frigged oo ana mo bal3at'ha =@

  5. is this A true story?:)
    i love it..
    i have a feeling ull fall for the 3omar guy:P

  6. I think that even if 3bdullah isn't in it for the marriage, it is still wrong for the cousin to pursue her because well there is just one thing that should always be forbidden, relatives or friends dating other relative's or friend's ex-es. It would be the hardest on the one who was left, because then they would have to encounter their ex all the time.. so it's just wrong of 3omar to pursue her :/

    *hoping 3bdullah proposes*

  7. heey i just wanted to tell you that i love your story.. keep it up.. i was so excited that you post a lot of parts within one day but you no longer do that.. i hope everything's okay with you:)

  8. www.loveandregret.blogspot.com
    check it out please:*

  9. please please please s6rii hal shoshoo!!! TAGHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!
    omar is psycho dnt even consider him..

  10. I like<3 3umar kaser kha6ri, ihya maskeena! 3abdullah; say something to her!! I'm addicted:* Please post today:*

  11. mako update since 12th feb?? what happened to v day's quadruple bill?

  12. I don't think she should be dating Abdulla anyways.. he is as someone before me said, weird..!! y3ny how can you be so in love that you propose then out of love in one day, then fall for someone else the day after..!! too weird..
    and Omar is a kid.. :P

  13. olaa:s when r u gonna post? is everything ok?

  14. I miss your story!!! where are you;**?