February 25, 2009

Fantasy part 6

Silly silly little girl.

I got dressed into my night gown, brushed my teeth, applied my vanilla scented lotion and slid into bed with him. We snuggled at first, sneaking in a kiss here and there. The snuggling become more intense, and the kisses were no longer loving, they were full of lust.

"Abeech, min awal youm shftich wna mishtehech"

"Ya3goub, what do you think you are doing"

"I want you so bad, shofay"

"Ya3goub please la, maby" I managed to say in between my tears.

Silly, silly little girl.

He forced himself on me, he enjoyed himself while I cried.

"Aaah, di5t"

I gave him my back and continued crying. Why did I tell him when we were alone, of course he thought I was asking for it. This is all my fault, 9a7 kalam Khalid ana '3beya, sa5eefa, mo fahma o ma7ad yabeny. I am going to be a whore, once I tell men im divorced they are going to expect me to open my legs wide for them.

I waited for him to fall asleep, and snuck out of his shalaih, I got dressed and headed back to Samars.



"What did he do?? Please tell me he didnt, Jema please 7beebty"

"He did, Samar he did"

"Please tell me you were safe? you are on the pill right?"

Silly, silly naive little girl.


  1. shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit OMG...la2 la2 she's not on the pill 5ara I hate MeN waiiiiiiiiiiiiiii3...

  2. OMG!! I Cnt belive he did that, 7aywaan!

  3. OMG - shgad 7ayawan hal bani adam!!! waaiii333 mishtiheech choofay WAAAAAIIIII3333

  4. i dnt knw what to say! 7aram 3alaih bas as u said silly silly girl..

  5. oh and i love the story!!
    bas her father ba6 chbdy especially since he seems to contradict himself.. dgeega mabeeha o dgeega thaniya inty bintii yagher chna?

  6. wink!
    I agree with u!
    Poor girl, her dad bay3aha ;(
    No one deserves that..


  7. Maskeeena walla kasra kha6ry hal ebnaya ya3ne she is not getting a break from any of the men in her life:/

    Bs it's a cool story I love reading it!