February 10, 2009


3mr what do you want?

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Isn't it clear, abeech intay

Please watch the way you talk me, I am not an object or something you just own.
lw sm7t 3mr 3n ili7raj please don't message me again

Dialing Shosho

Shosho: Hey hun

Lulu: Shosho please ask your friend 3mr to stop messaging me

Shosho: Laish? He is really interested. I encouraged him.

Lulu: Shosho, you do not have the right to make decisions for me.

Shosho: I only did that for you to losen up, you are so frigged you really need a man.

Lulu: Thank you Shosho, kilish ma hagait-ha minich

Shosho: L...

I am frigged? I did the right thing all my life and that makes me frigged? Who does she think she is, to come in and insult me like that.

I stormed into the house, and up to my room.


Lulu: Mino?

3lawi: ana

Lulu: Great. Come in.

3lawi: Ishfeech 3la Shosho shino 9ar?

Lulu: Ask your wife.

3lawi: you are my sister, I am asking you.

Lulu: 7beeby 3lawi its nothing its just a misunderstanding I promise everything will be okay.

3lawi: Are you sure?

Lulu: Yes sweetie!

3lawi: I dont want my 2 favorite girls not getting alone, good night baby sis

Lulu: Good night 3lawi.

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Boyfriend, I need to go away.
I need time away from everyone.

shfeech 7beebty?
tabeen time away mny ana ?

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Of course not, I just need time away from here!

Incoming call

Lulu: Hii

3bdullah: Hala bl 7ub, shfeech 7beebty 3sa ma shar?

Lulu: Ma adree I just can't take it. I would like time for myself you know.

3bdullah: Inzain, fee this workshop in Dubai in 2 weeks, and my dad wants to send woman leana usually bs the men go, you think your parents would let you?

Lulu: No they wouldn't baby.

3bdullah: hmm what if Mona and a7mad come?

Lulu: That might work. How about you ask us tomorrow and she could ask a7mad, it might just work.

3bdullah: ee inshalah, inzain tara I still have Marzouqo's gift shloun?

Lulu: m9er haa

3bdullah: hahahe ee 3ad ana rasy yabis, alah e3enich 3ly

Lulu: Its better then being frigged

3bdullah: Mino gal inich frigged?

Lulu: Shosho

3bdullah: Ishtaby hathy ehya frigged, hathy yabelha a7ad ewagfha 3nd 7dha!

Lulu: hmm, its ok 7beeby, baby let me just get ready for bed o I will call you

3bdullah: ee ok hm ana


Lulu: La illah ilah allah. yes

Mona: Sorry 7uby its me, I was wondering if I could drive to work with you tomorrow a7midy is taking my car for service.

Lulu: Of course 7beebty.

The reason we did not drive into work together is because she usually went to see her parents after work because a7med would start his evening shift when we leave workk

Mona: You okay?

Lulu: Listen, 3bdoody wants us to travel for a workshop, you think a7med would come with us?

Mona: Ee I dont think he would mind, I will talk to him

Lulu: Tomorrow 3bdullah is going to address us all, so wait until then.

Mona: Okay 7uby, yala good night you look tired, malich shu'3ul min you know who.

She walked out of the room. She was a gift to both my brother and myself, I no longer knew my best friend. There was something missing.

I hopped into the shower, I needed the hot water to scold my body, I was feeling numb. I stood there trying to pinpoint the moment my life had changed. Was it the tent? Was it meeting 3mr? Was it accepting this job. Every inch of my body was burning, I was faced with an internal struggle.

The love for my family comes no where near what I am feeling for 3bdullah. It is a different kind of love, you could not compare the two. Do I really have to give up 3bdullah?

I got into my nightie and crawled into bed.

Incoming call

Lulu: Hey honey

3bdullah: hala bl zain killa

3bdullah: Luluty 7beebty, omy intay please cheer up, 3shany 7beebty.

Lulu: Inshalah 7beeby

3bdullah: B3d 3umry, I cant wait till a9abi7 ib wayhich kil youm

What is that suppose to mean

3bdullah: Ee it means exactly what you have in mind.

Lulu: I have nothing in mind baby.

3bdullah: Haha hmm okay 3yal.

Lulu: Baby, can we please sleep I am exhausted.

3bdullah: Ismilah 3laich ya 7beebty....okay t9b7een 3la 2lf 5air, ashofich bacher inshalah.

Lulu: wnta min ahal il5air, inshalah 7beeby.

I shoved my phone under my pillow and drifted away into my fairytale life with 3bdullah.

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So my cousin?


  1. Awaaaaaaaaiiiiiihhhhhhhh ! I don't like shosho anymore


  3. Ohooo!
    I'm not likeing 3mr .. at all

  4. hawant i dont want 3mr anymore!
    3ajbatny salfat boyfriend girlfriend.. if i ever get a boyfriend i'll try it bs a7es ma beya36eeny wayh.. if i send boyfriend beyred 3alay shtabeen?

  5. awallaaaan... i agree with mhm and m,we dont like 3mr!

    thaniyaaaan... let her tell 3bduallah!
    thalithaaaan... this is a real story right??

    4. (i got tired of counting in arabic) new post pleaseeeeee! and make it longer pleaseeee pleaseee pleaseeeee

  6. 3omar is creepy I think she should tell 3bdullah to put an end to this and loving how Mona easily took over Shosho's place and hating how shosho has become ya3ne just because she got married she changed 180 degrees to something else... Ooo shako etgol 3an'ha frigid :/

  7. 3anooda: Men always want what they cannot have ;)

    Silhoette Crime: She did not mean to be hurtful ;)

    sugar: read the new post ;)

    Mhm: me neither ;)

    M: Hahah yes I can see a man responding that way. Also, 3mr is not so bad!

    Nora: Hahhaha, yes it is a real story.

    Jacqui: I know Shosho tends to be hurtful, Mona is great, and yes 3mr is creepy ;)

  8. 3a9abt! I'll keep on reading though :)