February 25, 2009

Fantasy part 5

The next few days with Ya3goub were pleasurably pleasant. We flirted, we talked, we flirted and we talked. After prolonged months of Ya3goub and I spending every minute together, I saw him.

My ex husband.


I was meeting friends from university at Nino's, we had just finished finals and wanted to celebrate, and what other way to celebrate then indulge in fine cuisine. I was heading over to the restroom when I saw him sitting alone. He looked much older, with grey hairs and a shaggy beard and a beer belly. I just had to flaunt my new self.



"Ee, shlonik?"

"B5air il7imdillah, intay shlonich? sha5barich, 3ash min shafich" His face lit up.

"3ashat ayamik, ana tamam il7imdillah tawny im5al9a awal course ly bl jam3a"

"Mashalah zain itsaween"

"uggh, khaloody?" A strange woman's voice interupting our speech

"Uh, Jema murty Fa6ma, Fa6ma this is Jema"

"Intay Jema" in an angered voice

"ee, um anyways Khalid it was good seeing you, Fa6ma it was nice meeting you...m3a ilsalama"

I walked away alleviated, delighted I was finally in charge of the situation, my life and my confidence. I turned around to give him a quick glance, and I saw him sitting there tormented by what he just saw.

Ya3gouby Calling

"7beeeeeeeeeeeeeby, wainik, 5a6ry ashoufik"

"Yala 7yaach"


"Bl shalaih"

"hmmm, okaaay Samar is having a girls weekend there so this works out perfectly"

"Cant wait to see you 7beebty"

"Bye galby, call me when you are on your way"

Ya3goub still did not know I was married, I opted to tell him. This weekend would be the perfect time. I just hope he does not misinterpret my little confession.

That night at Ya3goubs


"7yatie intay, you comfy"

He was tall, big and very built, I literally could loose myself in his arms.

"Of course, ga3da 3ndik...um 7beeby lazem agoulik shay bs mo 3rfa shloun abdy, its something big about me and I was scared to tell you"

"Jema, baby tell me"

"I was married, it was an arranged marriage and at first it was fine but then it could too much for me to handle, it was horrible he took so much of me I never thought I would be happy again and then I met you.....and I cant stop smiling"

"Laish kintay 5yfa you tell me?"

"Ma adree, 7sait you would run away since im a divorcee"

"I dont care about your past, I care about your future and my future, unless you dont want me in it?"

I turned around to face him "OF COURSE, abeek in my future, your not upset with me?"

"Ana a7ibich, yala baby lets go to bed"

Silly foolish girl that never learnt her lesson.


  1. No, dont tell me he is bad :( I like the story keep it up ;**

  2. He is bad. He saw that because she is a divorcee he can use her for sex ! That's what came to mine ! I'm lovin it !

  3. Laish silly foolish girl ba3ad??

  4. i hope he doesnt take advantage11;* wonderful

  5. abaaiiih wats gonna happen to her now maskeena :(...

  6. his reaction was kinda weird he didn't even ask what happened between them!
    iff shakla he's just using her! again! another guy that uses her maskeena:(