February 7, 2009


I headed back into the office, I was hurt. There was something unusual about the office, it was empty.

3bdullah: Lulu?

Lulu: uh na3am 3bdullah. This is not the time.

3bdullah: Ah zain no more Dr.3bdullah, I really don't like that. Tara I let everyone go early leana mako shu'3ul, fa you can leave.

I should have left, I just did not want to go home and deal with my brother.

Lulu: 3bdullah, if there is no work, why aren't you heading home if you don't mind me asking.

He looked terrible, like something had happened.

3bdullah: lets go grab some coffee ishrayich?

Lulu: okay

We headed over to Starbucks behind the church, I loved going there, there always was a nice crowd.

3bdullah: shino tshrebeen?

Lulu: White mocha please with extra caramel. I wont argue about who is going to pay.

He came over with our drinks.

3bdullah: Lulu my cousin is passing by I just need to give him the keys to the shalaih, do you mind?

Lulu: not at all

3bdullah: Hala 3mour, ee i7na da5el, 7yak...laa...yala okay ana a6l3lik.

Lulu: 3mour it cant be the same one, it is a common name.

3bdullah: I love having him back, he use to study in the states o seeda got a job there and he has been working there for 4 years. Uhwa mithel o5oy!

Lulu: IT cant be the same 3mr, 3mr from Shosho's office, she knew who my boss was didnt she connect the dots? Thats right, they dont have the same family name. Great they are cousins.

3bdullah and I talked, and I told him what I saw earlier.

3bdullah: Sorry Lulu bs its very clear they are hiding something minich, o that is very disrespectful to you since its your brother and your best friend. And if something is between them, and it is serious then they should have said something to you. Lulu il7ub mo 3aib aw 7aram.

Lulu: I dont know, I really dont know what to do. I am lost !

3bdullah: Listen Lulu tara I am here for you, I know what you think of me, ina ana wa7id l3eeb o 3ndy sowailf banat, bs Lulu ana I have only been with one girl, I took her up to the tent to propose bs, bs she is in love with someone else, so I let her go I cant force someone to be with me.

My phone rang, interrupting our conversation.

Lulu: Aloo? Hala zooz, im out with a colleague, ishfeek 7beeby? ee inshalah I will be home in an hour, inta idris o I will come quiz you. Mino bl bait? laish ma ri7t ma3ahum? shino ya3nee ma 5athouk? Ok ok ana yaya.

3bdullah: everything ok?

Lulu: Yes, my parents are out of the country and its my uncles yam3a tonight for dinner, o its the drivers day off and my brothers took off without him. I am really sorry 3bdullah, I should be getting home.

3bdullah: ee of course I understand.

We walked out of Starbucks heading towards our car, I did not want to leave but I had to go attend to my brother.

I got home, picked up my brother and headed over to my uncles house to find my brothers sitting there laughing.

Lulu: Can one of you please tell me why you left Marzouq home alone?

None of my brothers answered, I was furious. I was furious at 3lawi and Shosho, I was furious they left my brother and I was furious that I am slowly falling for him.

3my: luluwa, I like the new look 7beebty chnch 3rous!

5alty: alah ysma3 minik itkoun 3rous

3my and 5alty were like a second set of parents to us. They lived in Surra and we lived in Qurtoba, we had dinner every Thursday at their house, they had lunch every Saturday at our house and to my luck they too didnt have girls.

Lulu: Rdaw 3ly!

Again, none of my brothers answered me.

I stomped to the kitchen and poured me glass of lemonade.

a7mad: I take it this is not about us forgetting Marzouqo right?

The look I gave him was enough.

We had an our before dinner was ready, I walked in to the living room, grabbed 3lawi.

Lulu: We are going to the jam3ya

As soon as I got into the car.

Lulu: Are you dating Shosho?

3lawi: Yes.

Lulu: How long?

3lawi: 7 years.

Lulu: you love her?

3lawi: very much!

Lulu: so its serious?

3lawi: yes it is!

Lulu: So why haven't you done anything about it?

3lawi: She wanted to talk to you first.

Lulu: why hasn't she?

3lawi: She was worried.

Lulu: How about you tell her to talk to me, you know what how about the 3 of us go out tomorrow and discuss this?

3lawi: Inshalah, baby sis I am really sorry.

Lulu: Save it 3li, I really am not in the mood. Listen tell 3my ina I am not making it to dinner, and 3li you better not forget Marzouq this time!

3lawi: Inshalah.

I dropped him off at Surra and called him up.

Can I see you?


  1. maskeena wala bas ya3ny it's cute shloon they r dating bas ya3ny she had to know mo yi5ishoon 3anha? we want more looool

  2. aaaaaaah 7 years o ma galo laha!!!!

  3. can you see who?? @@ lol so excited right now! i read all your posts min gabil shway, loved them all! you've been tagged :*

  4. ...I loooove your blog!!
    Next post yallllah!!!

  5. chennhom bser3a te3awedaw 3la ba3ath bedoon mu8ademat?? =\

    ma 7abbait! i mean shako tgoola abt her problem bak home, oo oho shako im here for you bs ana mo la3eeb! its like he's saying im here for you and thatll mean youll want me so im not la3eeb =(

    oo SEVEN YEARS?! shino kanaw na6reen ya3ny, the new millenium?! loooool!

    oo ehya 3amya seven years she didnt notice anything strange?!

  6. seven years!!! wain lulu 3anhoum? how could they keep it for that long? who did she call?

  7. al7een ma 3arafna - is it the same 3mr?? didnt he show up at starbucks wila did she leave before he got there??

  8. I am dying to actually see her hehe :P She's so pretty mashalla if she went from being pretty to gorgeous from a makeover :P

    And wow at her not knowing about her brother and best friend bs yaaay at the same time ina they'll be family now hehe..

    P.S. You've been added to Scarletlights.com

  9. wa7da_09: inshalah 2 new posts tonight ;)

    M: yup ;(

    Lil: next post we will see...thank you ;)

    Mhm: thank you, I love yours too! working on 2 new posts ;)

    Dandooon: I know what you mean, but I felt betrayed by my best friend and brother and I just needed to open up. He was just trying to clarify his intentions. Her best friend, and her brother never mentioned anything!

    Silhouette Crime: they were extra careful since they knew I hardly went out unless it was with friends (and Shosho was always there) or my family, so they were able to hide it!

    3anooda: ee it was the same 3mr, and no 3bdullah went outside to give him the keys.

    Jacqui: Thank you (she is me ;p) this is my life...thats true...thank you for the add ;)

  10. Wow. 7 years. But maybe its a good thing. Her best friend can be her sister in law!!