February 11, 2009


Excuse me?

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I know what you are doing in there!

Talking to my boss.
What is it to you?

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hahaha ya 7mra, you should do something have you seen him?

Need I remind you that you are married to my brother ;p
AND no sharing is NOT caring in this situation lol ;p

3bdullah: Mino?

Lulu: Its Mona, being a tease!

3bdullah: She knows about us right?

Lulu: Yes, I am sorry I told her the day we were in Paul and you were in Starbucks, she some what sensed something. I hope that was okay.

3bdullah: Luluty 7beebty, I wanted us to be a secret between us, bs its okay Mona knowing will make things easier I guess.

Lulu: Okay, I should be heading back to my office, I don't want anyone to get suspicious.

I walked over to my office, thinking about something he said. He told me that he stood up to his parents, and now he is contradicting himself by telling me he wants no one to know?

Either way, who was I going to ask...Fai9al? No, I couldn't I lied to him twice already.

I proceeded back to work, I had to stay in for lunch since I really was behind. A7mad and Mona had lunch with us in the office.

Mona: 7beeby, a7midy?

a7mad: hala ya galby

Mona: Fee a workshop ib Dubai in 2 weeks o Dr.3bdulmi7sen yabeny ana o Lulu to go since girls hardly go. All husbands and wives are expected to come as well. What do you think?

a7mad: I think we are all going to Dubai

Lulu: Thank you a7mad

a7mad: Your welcome baby sis, its for your work I am not gonna stand in your way, I will take time off work 7g that week.

Mona: Laish week i7na bnrou7 2 days.

a7mad: La mama, take that week off 3shan we stay there, hm intay Lulu.

Lulu: We will see inshalah.

To be honest, the only think I heard my brother say was yes to the trip, after that I muted them out of my concentration. Something was wrong, I could tell something was going to happen.

Istagfar allah!

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What is the verdict?

We are going to Dubai baby ;p

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hahah ;*
I am have lunch m3a a friend, kanat ma3y bl jam3a


bl 3fya ;*

Should I have been jealous? Should I be mad? Whoever said being a relationship is a piece of cake LIED.

Speaking of cake, I could have some!

I stopped at Paul in Marina on my way home, and bought everything they had. I then stopped at Baskin Robbins and also bought everything they had.

Again I say relationships are not fun, I am about to eat like a cow!

Marzouq: LULU!!!

Lulu: ya zooz

Marzouq: LULU, bsr3a ta3aly please

I ran up to his room, something was wrong!

Lulu: SHFEEEK???

Marzouq: intay shfeeck chinich shyfa shaba7, shoufay shino your boss sharaly!

Lulu: You screamed, and almost stopped my heart for this?? What in the world is it?

Marzouq: PSP bs its the sooped up one, 3ndich raqma aby adig ashkira.

Lulu: 3aib al7een tawna 6al3een min ildawam akeed he is having lunch b3dain dig 3ly!

Marzouq: Inshalah.

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Dubai ;*
I cant wait!


  1. FIrst looool Awal mara on ur Blog now let me Go read it HehE...Luv ur Story keep it coming :***....

  2. wanasa - im coming with u guys to dubai - LOOOL

  3. I just read all ur posts i'm officially addicted!!! love it xx

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  5. allaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah lulu ur posts r 3asal!!;** keep them comming since mako 6al3a tonight:S

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  7. hey im loving your story!! garaita all in an hour:P its wayed interesting!!

    please check out my blog and give me ur input:


    thaanks;* w update us soon please!!

  8. BOnita_Lulu: Thank you for reading ;)

    3anooda: Haha have fun ;)

    wink: I am glad you are enjoying it ;)

    wind: The weather is horrible, and I will be posting 2 soon and I will try to make them longer!

    lama: Thank you ;)

    y576: haha thank you for reading ;)

    lama: I read your blog and I really did enjoy it!

  9. I love ur blog, ur story is sooo cute! im officialy addicted :P

  10. confessions of a Lost Kuwaiti Soul: Thank you, I cannot wait to read what you have to say ;)