February 24, 2009

Fantasy part 3

3 years ago

"Yala banat ily jahiz minken yanzil ilqa3a, lat5aloun Hind bro7a ta7at"

"Inshalah mama, ana jahza, anzil an6er ma3a 5alty Hind"

I was 18, my senior year in high school and it was my cousin Samar's wedding, she was the first grandchild to get married and you could only imagine the joy and hype that over ran us. 5alty Hind, her mother, who was 3my's wife was already downstairs making sure everything was perfect. I threw my shall over my Cavalli dress and made my down the hallway, into the elevator and into the wedding ballroom.

"Mashalah 7beebty Jema you loook beautiful, yala inshalah ilfal lich"

"Mashkoura 5alty"

Samar was 18, like I was, she however was in her first year of university and was marrying the man of her dream whom happened to be wild 5alty, o ehya t9er bnt 3my, I was thrilled that I was related to both the bride and groom it only made the wedding more exciting for me. Samar and I constantly discussed our wedding night, our gowns and our husbands, she found her prince charming, while I had to be patient.

The wedding was well on its way, everyone was happy, the music was perfect, and most importantly I felt exqusite, feeling confident in my dress with my make up and hair do. My cousins and I were in the middle of song dancing away when an older lady tugged on my arm.

"7beebty, sht9eren 7g il3rous?"

"Samar bnt 3my o Fawaz wild 5alty"

"Mashalah, shino ismich?"


"3shat ilasamy, intay bl jam3a ma3a Samar?"

"La 5alty, ana lail7een bl thanawya inshalah bt5araj hal sina"

"Alah ewafgich 7beebty, yala il fal lich inshalah"

"Tslmeen 5alty"

Maysa, my cousin, gave me a quizical look "Shtaby?"

"ma adree she had a bunch of questions to ask"

"ooo I hear wedding bells"

Could she be right? No, she was just quiching her curiousness.

I sat in the main ballroom while the guests made their way to the buffet

5alty Hind was waving her arm at me "Jema"

"Na3am 5alty?"

"7beebty, 7assan beyey al7een bs 6l3ela bara o i5thay mina ilbu5our"

"Inshalah 5alty"

I tracked down my shall, couldnt find it so I wore Maysa's black blazor and headed to the front door.

"Jema, 7beebty, hatha wlday Khalid" the curious lady introduced me to her son.


I smiled, excused myself and walked over to 7assan who was Samar's older brother, I took the bu5our from him and glanced over to the stranger Khalid, he was watching me, I smiled and made my way back to the wedding ballroom.

2 months later

"Mama, I have some good news"

I was lazing by the pool trying to work on my tan.


"5air ib wayhich, fe nas dagen ya56ibonich, ishrayich?"

"Ily tshofena yuma, if you think he is a good man then I dont mind"

"7beebty, he uhwa 5oush wa7id ana a3arif uma t9er rfejat 5altich Hind"

"Okay yume, bs yadroun ana lail7en ma t5arajt?"

"ee ilwalad ra7 yt3araf 3laich 3la ma it5al9een min ilthanwya b3dain itha alah kitab ekoun il3rs, isma Khalid ilflani"

Khalid and I took an interest in each other instantly. We spent 6 months engaged where we got to know each other, and a week after my graduation was my milcha and at the end of the summer was the wedding.

I was married and happily in love with my prince charming.

Or so I thought.


  1. thank u thank u thank

    this sounds like its going to be a more realistic story. liking it so far

  2. Sounds GREAT :)...Keep em Coming lena i'm in no Mood to work today Kelish :(...

  3. loving it!!!

    its a new one and i'm intrigued!!

  4. I like how this is different, im so happy you are writing again ;**