February 9, 2009

Your Feed Back

To my readers,

I have not been getting as much comments as I was hoping, for those who have commented it truly means a lot ;*

I was wondering what you thought so far? Is it too slow paced? Are the details enough? It is my first time to blog and I would like to do it the right way.

Your comments will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post ;)


  1. I looove ur story..hmm maybe add some more romance or maybe am getting ahead? But I like it=) =*

  2. Charmbracelet: Honey thank you so much, yes there will be more romance I promise ;)

  3. I enjoy the fact that it is not so fast paced, however as girls we love drama ;p

    Other than that I think its great ;**

  4. I love ur story... 3ajebni el pace oo kelshay... I also love the way u write... Her relationship weya khwanha et3aaqedd.... abeeha she stays weya 3abdaalla though.. mabeeha she breaks his heart

  5. i love love love your storrrry! I like how its her first time and she doesnt know what to do (and doesnt knoww what to say to the mushy stuff!! ;p)

    Bas khal yathleeef 3mr, yahna ib khaiiiir!!

  6. aaaaand i love your bros..

    P.S. what did 3bdulla get marzouq??

  7. it's a nice seem to be real story, soo far u're the closest to be true

  8. I love it as well, it has different realistic aspects that are the focus of the story while others focus on the feelings or the fashion being worn hehehe and adore your relationship with your brothers.

    allah ekhaleehom lech inshalla :)

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  10. i think it's just a story based on dreams
    sorry i'll be harsh this time!!!
    بس اذا كان هذا الواقع الي انت عايشه فيه وانج متحرره ازياده على اللزوم اقول الله يستر عليج دنيا واخره اذا على قولتج انه عبدالله او من كان يكون اي بسيارته الكايين السوده عشان محد يشوفج لأنج خايفه من اهلج فحطي بالج انه الله سبحانه يشوفج وقاعد يحاسبج على الي قاعد اتسوينه
    (انت عارفه هل شي لأنه انت منتي جاهله ولا سفيه)
    صج انج ما تماديتي بالغلط بس مجرد خروجج وقعدتج معاه الخ من الاشياء الي صارت هذا شي لا مجتمعنا ولا دينا يتقبله مويعني لما الواحد يكون متعلم وفاهم وشايف الدنيا وشايف خير يطبع سلوكياته من الغرب لكل شي حدودعلى قولتج
    خليج قد الثقه الي عطويج اياها اهلجlimit

  11. love: I know what you mean, haha drama is coming. Thank you ;**

    Captivated: Thank you very much for getting back to me haha what if he is the one who breaks my heart ?

    Nora: 7beebty, thank you so much haha no he wont leave that easily ;p He got him a PSP 2 ma adree 3 (Im not good with games)

    FanTsia: thank you ;)

    Jacqui: Thank you sweetie ;)

    mama7iaty: I understand where you are coming from and I really appreciate you taking the time to explain yourself. But sometimes even the smartest girls get mixed up in stupid things...Thank you honey for the comment ;)

  12. heyy ur blog is good, its entertaining its fun to read
    but like im not being mean, bs ya3ni mafeeha reasoning you know? like laish faj2a he was with one girl and he was so serious about her he proposed to her, and then wen she breaks his heart he wants lulu china ma9ar shey? ya3ni whats in her that hes fighting for, fighting his family's traditions for? out of the blue things just happen..
    the rest is good, i love it

  13. its something i can relate to...
    specially about the fact that she doesnt talk arabic much!
    it also shows the struggle between two crushes that into love later on...
    keep up the good work!