February 8, 2009


We had our lunch, and I told them I was okay with them being together, and I honestly was happy for them. However, the whole fact they hid 7 years of their lives from me. For the most part I was not upset with my brother and my best friend, I was upset at myself. I am acting like a fresh graduated school girl who falls in love with her professor. It is morally wrong on every level, but its like a scab once you start picking at it you couldnt stop.

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Okay, I can meet you later on tonight, I wanna show you something. I will give you a call.

We headed back home, I was feeling drousy since I slept for a few hours I decided I would take a nap. I was wrong.

a7mad: Lulu, Lulu nsait agolich .

Lulu: what a7mad?

a7mad: Shino ism your boss?

Lulu: shoot. Dr.3bdullah AlX laish?

a7mad: La he came into the bank ams o we got talking fa s2alny itha I knew you o I told him inich i5ty!

Lulu: ooh, a7midy please 7yatie I wanna take a nap wake me up an 2 hours please.

a7mad: inshalah, if I leave aw9y Fai9al 3laich.

Finally, just as I was about to drift off to sleep.

Marzouq: LULU!!

Lulu: La illah ila allah!

Lulu: na3am ya marzouq what do you want.

Marzouq: I dont feel to good baby sis.

He did indeed look yellow, and out of no where the bandage on his hand was soaked with his blood.

Lulu: 3LAWI please someone come.

It took my brothers a second to absorb what happened. 3lawi carried Marzouq into his arms and we all ran into the car.

Lulu: don't take him to mbarak, take him to a private hospital.

We headed over to Dar Alshifa and they quickly took him in. It turned out that the same needle was used for all his cuts so his hand, which was sutured last was infected. That is Kuwait's hospitals for you.

The sutures were removed and new stitches were placed into his arm. He was in pain, they did not want to give him any pain killers afraid it might cause an allergic reaction. We were in the hospital for 3 hours.

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How about the indian restaurant in SAS?

We had to go back to the hospital for Marzouq there was an infection :(

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What? Ay mustashfa I am coming.

No no, please don't I am with my brothers, I don't think I am going to be able to make it for dinner, I am really sorry 3bdullah ;/

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No honey, don't worry 6amneny ;)

My frown was turning upside down, but I had to control it since all 5 of my brothers were looking at me.

We were finally discharged from the hospital. I was exhausted I barely made it up to
Marzouq's room, I fell asleep next to my brother trying to comfort him.

My phone was vibrating, I quickly picked it up I did not want Marzouq to wake up.

Lulu: Aloo?

3bdullah: Lulu?

Lulu: Hala 3bdullah

3bdullah: Hala feech, ha shloun Marzouqo is he better?

Lulu: ee il7imdillah, what time is it?

3bdullah: its 9, I know its real early but I...

Lulu: la its okay, do, do you want to get breakfast or coffee?

3bdullah: ee I would love to. Wain?

Lulu: don't laugh, I want scrambled egg and bacon with cold orange juice so Johnny Rockets please.

3bdullah: Okay, we will go to the one ily bl manshar its always empty.

Lulu: Okay I will change and head out.

Thank god it was Saturday and all my brothers slept in, and since my parents were not here bait 3my are not coming to lunch. I washed up, put my hair in a tiny ponytail and pinned down all the loose strands with bobby pins, I wore a baby pink dress that barely reached my knees with purple ballerina's and my messenger bag.

He was parking when I arrived, he waited for me to park and we walked in together. We ordered our food. It was quiet, it was awkward.

Lulu: uhh

3bdullah: uhh

We both said at the same time, and then we both laughed.

Lulu: you go first

3bdullah: Okay, I was thinking about something, you know how I said that there was trouble at home, well it was because I stood up to my father and told him that I will marry whoever I wanted and if he did not like that, I will just walk out.

Lulu: So, so what are you saying?

3bdullah: how about we give this a try? Me and you? ishrayich

Lulu: NO, say No. Okay.

3bdullah: yeah?

Lulu: yeaah.

For the first time in my life I experienced a feeling I have heard about, I feeling that is associated when you talk to the man you like. Yes, there were butterflies in my stomach. We ate our breakfast, talking about the most random things.

I had to head back home to check on Marzouq and we agreed to meet for coffee at night.

I called him on the drive back.

Lulu: Listen 3bdullah, I don't want this to change how we are at work. I am still your employee and you need to treat me that way.

3bdullah: e9eer khair Luluty.

I stayed quiet, I was blushing.

3bdullah: sweetie are you there?

Lulu: yeah I am, okay I need to hang up, I will call yo later bye.

The thing about me is I believe I am frigged, I don't know how to be emotional, okay with my brothers I am but they are my brothers thats different.

I am 26 I have never been in love, I have never been in a relationship I just had the occasional crushes that were always one sided.

So I guess now that I am in a relationship certain things are going to have to change, I don't think my boyfriend would enjoy it if I ran away every time he said something mushy.

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ya 7lwich wintay mista7ya ;p

3bdoody knock it offf

20 minutes no reply

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La la what did you call me?

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umm 3boody ;p?

Barou7 ilmustashfa

I called him

Lulu: Shfeek??

3bdullah: barou7 af7a9 galby!

Lulu: 3bdullah whats wrong??

3bdullah: mo ana 3bdoodich

Lulu: haha ee so?

3bdullah: bs my heart stopped fa barou7 ilmustashfa

Lulu: hm tell me how it goes,

6alal: LULU

Lulu: ughh I should go, I will call you later. bye 3boody

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I just died and went to heaven. Let me know about coffee ;)


  1. allaaaaaaaaaaah! abeeee 3aboody!

  2. sugar: we can arrange for that ;)

  3. wanasaaa
    i want to feel that feeling
    someone love and take care of me
    I've never been in love before
    waaaaaaaaaw i wish that my ex did that to me

  4. ee ee go to SAS :P a7la restaurant ma6a3em bl Kuwait kelha.. you WONT regret it (a) looool
    cool story btw, im getting into it
    -um fahad

  5. aham shay my badleyaaaaaaa! "restaurant ma6a3em" what the hell :P ? bdait akharif.. i meant hotel ma6a3em... :P

  6. mama7iaty: inshalah you will, but not all love feels good, the wrong love can cut you deep!

    Reem: I love the restaurant, its so delicious. Thank you ;)

  7. reem: lool its okay, if you send the message across that is all that matters ;)

  8. ya raaaaaaaaaaabyyyyyyyyyyy aby chethy <3