February 19, 2009


I needed an escape route. This was all too much for me to fathom. My brothers needed me, my parents were relying on me, my aunt depended me, 3bdullah loved me and 3mr wanted me. Where is my knight? I needed someone, anyone.

3bdullah showed up bright and early the next morning bringing a large assortment of foods for breakfast. My uncle had woken up and has been transferred to a bigger room.

My cousins, my brothers, their wives, 3bdullah and myself enjoyed breakfast together, laughing and sharing stories.

I knew what everyone was thinking, I was thinking it myself. He fit right in with the family, as if we had known him for decades.

The next few days were spent like that. We would rush off to work for a few hours, and rendezvous back at the hospital. The doctor discharged my uncle, and we were all thrilled.

3my: Lulu 7beebty mala da3y ingoul 7g ilwalid, a5af e7aty

Lulu: 3la ra7tik 3my.

3my: 9a7 kalamy 3bdullah?

3bdullah: Ee 3my ana rayey min rayik.

The gatherings were relocated to my uncles house. I never kept my phone around me afraid 3mr might send me something that might upset my mood.

We headed home that night, and the boys came into my room for the usual; Chai 7leeb and friends.

I sat on the couch next to Fai9al and he moved closer to me.

Fai9al: Lulu.

Lulu: Yes.

Fai9al: 3bdullah talked to us.

Lulu: regarding?

Fai9al: Tista3bi6ain, you!

Lulu: What about me?

Fai9al: Lulu, I know you are not slow fa drop this act ok.

Lulu: I don't want him.

Fai9al: How come?

Lulu: His parents will never accept of me.

Fai9al: ilrayal kalamna, what does that mean?

Lulu: It means ina uhwa ra7 yogaf '6d ahala for me, and I won't allow it.

Fai9al: Lulu...

Lulu: Fai9al please, just don't okay.

I was upset. I loved him but there was no way I was going to let him lose his family over me. I could never live with myself. I did not want my children growing up only knowing my side of the family.

5 am

Incoming call 3bdullah

Lulu: aloo?

3bdullah: 9ba7 il5air 7beebty

Lulu: Its still early

3bdullah: Adree, yala gomay aby awadech mukan

Lulu: I am sorry I cant.

3bdullah: Lulu, 7beebty we have not been alone since the day of bl shalaih, a5er mara kalamtich was yomha, please baby I miss you.

Lulu:I am sorry I don't think this is appropriate, goodbye 3bdullah.

I was the one breaking my own heart. But this was for the best. Being in love should be blissful, I should have no worries, no cares because I am with the man I love.

I no longer felt this way. I was in so much pain, and I just cannot handle it. I cannot handle him.

Love hurts


  1. Laa! Let her tel him what she feels...Yemkin his parents ratheen;(

  2. i agree with Queen Bee ;)...Give the man a chance :(....

  3. nooooo! go back to him! he is ur knight!!

  4. Nooooooooo maybe his family rethaw or something seriously ya3ne :/ Give him a chance to explain or say something!!!!!!

    Give 3bdullah a chance!!

    & kill off 3mr :/

  5. NOOOO!:s
    she deserves to be happy! ;s
    come on next post pleaaaaaase:*