February 16, 2009

Im sorry

To my devoted readers,

Thank you for your concerns everything is fine. I had to leave for a few days for work and I was not able to post anything since my day was hectic.

I am sorry.

I should be heading back to Kuwait on Tuesday inshallah and I promise you a few posts to make up for my absence.

Thank you for being patient.


  1. thank you for letting us know!! I'm not worried any more *jumps up and down*

  2. good luck:) ur story is worth being patient and i wish you all the best:*

  3. Take your time, we will be patiently waiting because we LOVE you and your story ;**

    good luck with work ;)

  4. trj3een bil salamaa inshala;**

  5. Laaa 7ayatii its ok!! terje3een bel salama inshalla:**** i cant wait!