February 24, 2009

fantasy part 4

The first few months were blissful, I got what every 19 year old girl wanted, a man who loved and spoiled her, a new car and freedom. He took me out everywhere, we did everything together. Plus we barely kept our hands off each other.

The next few months were mournful, we fought on a daily basis, he barged in claiming I was uninteresting, boring, and ugly then a few minutes later he would be kissing my hands apologizing for his harsh words. He sometimes made me sleep in the other room, he always forced me to do things against my will, but he always told me he loved me.

Foolish little girl I was. I thought every marriage was like this, who am I to break the chain.

"Intay mynouna, mino esawi chithi?" Samar scolded me

"Ishdarany, uhwa rayly fa 3dee" I answered innocently

"7beebty its not 3dy, you need to talk to him"

The first major fight we had, the one where I chose to stand up and leave was when he strolled into the house tipsy with a bottle in one hand and a girl on the other

"intay mino" He managed to blurt out to me

"Hathy mino?"

"Oh, Jemo, 3baly hathy intay...intay mino" he asked the tramp on his arm

"Your fantasy"

"dm inha mwjouda ishrayich Jemo?"

"Ana barou7 bait ahaly"

"abrak-ha min sa3a, bly mayrdich inshalah"

"emshay fantasy nstanas shway"

Yes, he brought a tramp into our house, into my bed. I was forced to go back to him and apologize for rebelling as his wife. A good wife listens to her husbands and burrys his secrets.

You can only imagine how things went from that day. He constantly wanted to explore things, and explore other people, while I sat in the guest room, listening to my husband being pleased by another. I refused to touch him, or have him touch me, and thats when he started to force himself on me. He would wake up in the morning with a disgusted look, ashamed by what he had done to me, and I just stayed in bed for days.

A year after we were married, I got pregnant. I cried, and cried, and cried. 3 days later I had a misscarriage. I cried, and cried, and cried.

Yes I am only 21 years old, but I have seen a lifetime of pain and mysery. I have been to the ultimate low and back up. I have experienced it all and all I had were my fantasies of falling in love the right way, where it didnt hurt or hurt me back.

I enrolled at Kuwait University, applied as a teller at my brothers bank and joined a gym. I first shed off all the excess weight on my body, then toned up. Next I added many layers into my hair giving it volume, and then I dyed it. I could not change what had happened to me emotionally, but there was no harm in changing my physical appearance.

It worked.

I was the it girl on campus.

I went to sell my car, the car he bought me. I wanted something new and flashy, and as a form of apology my father offered to buy me whatever car I wanted. I knew what I wanted. I left the dealership with a new car, and an admiror.


We were both eying the same beauty, and it was the last one in stock, one of us would have to wait a month for the new shipment.

"Ishrayich a5alech ta5then il syara itha you meet me for coffee"

I wanted the car.

"name the place and time and I will be there"

"Give me your number"

"name the place and time, and I promise I will be there"

"starbucks palms, tomorrow at 3"

"I will see you there"

He walked away while I signed the papers, and paid for my new baby.

Starbucks Palms

"You came"

"I promised"

"What would you like?"

"I think I am capable of ordering my own drink thank you"

I did not give him a chance to respond, I got up and ordered my drink and a chocolate chip cookie.

"So, what do they call you?"

"A girl or a woman"

"Got jokes? I mean your name"


"A precious jewel"

"If you say so"

"So tell me about yourself, Jema"

"How about this, since you asked to see me you tell me about yourself, and if I like what I hear I will ask to see you, where I will tell you about myself"


I was already interested.


  1. wwooohhhooo the girl has got BALLS man - i like.

  2. so hne she is still married 9a7?

  3. My Love Diary: Thank you, btw I truly enjoy reading your blog I just never got the chance to comment ;)

    3anooda: thank you ;)

    sexy_sour_sweet: thank you, I wish I had her guts ;p

    Charmbracelet: La, hne she is divorced

  4. yaayy! love the story keep going plzz ;D
    waiting for the next post

  5. Mu.Sij: thank you, I am currently working on it ;)