February 4, 2009


I couldn't move, I couldn't hear what 3ysha was yelling into the phone. I stood there staring at him, he was holding my hand with one hand, while placing his index finger on his lip (you know the shh 7araka with your hand)

Lulu: Shosho I will call you back.

I followed him into the elevator. He hit R (roof). Where is he taking me. The elevator door opens and I see a tent. I followed him into the white tent, there were 2 oversized cushioned chairs, and a table in between. The table had cookies, cupcakes, tarts, chocolates, you name it, it was there.

He sat down, and motioned for me to sit by him. The chair would clearly not fit the both of us, yet I managed to squeeze in next to him. I did not know what got over me. It felt like I was replaced with a new person. I am not a goody-too-shoe, I have liked guys before but I was always scared and worried that I was not pretty enough, or good enough. Even when men were interested I just could not pursue anything.

3bdullah: Lulwa?

Lulu: uh Lulu please.

3bdullah: Inshalah Lulu. I brought you here to get your opinion. Do you think a girl would like this? I am bringing my girlfriend here and wanted your opinion. I really care about your opinion.

Lulu: What is he saying, I didnt hear a word he said. He is beautiful, I want his lips.

3bdullah: Lulu?

Lulu: haa, sorry sera7t, this is a very pretty place did you get this done? What is the occasion?

3bdullah: Ma sim3tay what I said? Never mind 3yal, would you like to share a cupcake?

Lulu: I couldn't speak, I just nodded not taking my eyes off of him.

We were about to enjoy the cupcake when his phone rang, it was his father asking him to come to his office. We left the rooftop and headed to our offices. I was shaky all day, I was so excited, I did not know what had just happened. Was it real? IT cant be!

We had to work late again. I did not take my eye off him, my eyes followed him, his every move, his every action, and every time I looked at him his eyes met my gaze. I couldn't think straight, I would add and re-add the numbers because I was really out of focus. I saw him heading to the elevator, and I pretended I need to visit the Ladies Room to see if he was heading to his fathers office or to the car park. The elevator stopped at R.

I freshened up in the bathroom and decided I would meet him there, to surprise him. Foolish thinking.

The elevator door opened, I did not need to go in to see he was with another girl all I heard was,

3bdullah: You are the first girl to see this tent I hope you liked it!

I had to run.

I needed to run.

But my legs wouldn't allow me, I just stood there feeling like the idiot that I am.


  1. umbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay umbaaaaaaaaaaaaay umbaaaaaaaaaaaaaay fashlaaaa!!!! ihya allah ihadaha laish ma smi3at shino gaaal? :|

  2. Anonymous- I am sorry, he was so hot I couldn't think I was mesmerized by him ;/

  3. loooool yala ma 3alaih bas nxt time plz keep 1/2 of ur brain functioning 3ashan ma titfashilain :| umbay cant imagine myself in ur position and to be honest dont ever want to :$

  4. Anonymous- ee please trust me you dont want to be in that situation.

    Dandooon- adree ;/

  5. just read ur story LOVE IT!!!

  6. sugar- thank you, that truly means a lot ;)

  7. weeeeyh weeeeyh miskeeeeena!!! la la inshallah ma ychofoonha!

  8. aaahhhhh next part!!!
    I love ur story!!

  9. M: ee il7imdillah he didnt!

    Silhouette Crime: adree ;/

    Charmbracelet: thank you ;)