February 19, 2009


Please don't do this, not today.

I walked into the house, hoping I would not see any of my brothers. Just as I was about to get into my room.

Marzouq: baby sis?

Lulu: Yes honey?

Marzouq: Wainch ilyoum?

Lulu: I had to work late

Marzouq: you look exhausted

Lulu: I feel exhausted

We both looked at each other, he did not look so well himself.

Lulu: Zooz, can I sleep here with you? I dont want to sleep alone.

Marzouq: Ee please, I dont want to be alone.

Lulu: Okay 7yatie let me shower and change and join you.

I took a long shower and got into my PJ's and headed over to Marzouq's bedroom. I found Fai9al laying on the couch, and 6alal was on the other side of the bed.

It was such a gloomy day for us all.

Lulu: Ishfeekum?

Fai9al: Um, Lulu, have a seat

Lulu: ish9ayer Fai9al, you are scaring me.

Fai9al: 3my bl mustashfa, he had a heart attack and they had to operate since an artery was blocked.

Lulu: Why are we here?

Fai9al: Visiting time is over, Oboy ma yadry ra7 ingoula lmn egoum bl salama inshalah

Lulu: Ameen inshalah, lets get some sleep.

I snuggled into bed, in between 6alal and Marzouq. Marzouq came close to me and I hugged him, and 6alal hugged me.

I had to be strong for my brothers, they needed me to be strong.

We woke up early the next morning, we were all feeling on edge we did not want to discuss the matter at hand.

A7mad: 9ba7 il5air, yala meshaina

Mona: Lulu honey you dont look so good are you ok?

Lulu: It is okay honey, aham shay 3my mo muhim ana!

Fai9al: You dont look so good

Lulu: Aren't we heading to a hospital?

Fai9al: Okay then, mental note avoid Lulu

Marzouq walked over to me and placed his arm around my waist. We piled into the cars and headed over to the hospital.

We walked down the long fluorescent hallway and up the elevator. I saw 5alty sitting outside, I walked over to her and hugged her.

Lulu: myshouf shar inshalah

5alty: Il shar myeech

Mona: 5alty il doctor ma gal shay?

5alty: embla he did, gal il7imdilah il3malya went okay but they are waiting for him to recover now, ilshabab da5el 3ndihum.

My brothers headed inside to be with my couins' during these hard times.

Mona and I stayed outside with 5alty.

3bdullah: Um Lulwa?

It cant be him. What is he doing here?

Lulu: Hala 3bdullah, 5alty 3bdullah ilX moderna bl dawam

3bdullah: Ilsalam 3laikum 5alty, 5a6akum ilsue inshalah

5alty: 5a6ak il lash ya wlaidy!

3bdullah: Mona, a7mad mawjoud?

Mona: Ee la7'6a anady

I stood there staring at him, what did he want with me.

A7mad: Hala 3bdullah, shlonik?

3bdullah: Ib 5air il7imdillah, shftkum da5leen ilmustashfa fa s2alt o 36ony 5abar ina 3mik, myshouf shar inshalah

A7mad: ilshar myeek 7beeby tislam!

3bdullah: ana ast2then 3yal

5alty: La yuma, ma '6yfnak, Lulu yuma yebay il7lw, o Mona ilgahwa ehnak

Lulu: Tefa'6al 3bdullah

3bdullah: Dam fa'6lich Lulwa.

My aunt and my brother entertained 3dbullah. It took my aunt exactly 15 minutes to hit it off with 3bdullah. Before I knew it she had asked him to pass by the next day.

At 9 we headed back home. This time the boys slept in my room.

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Not today please

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I talked to my parents.


  1. she has a wierd relationship with her brothers :P kinda very wierd

  2. Awww bas wait shud i be sayin awww What if his parents disapprove uff hehehe abee next post to determine etha Aww Oo 7safa Till Then i say maskeeena :(....

  3. I HATE AMR:@:@
    W I LOVE 3BDULLAH:****