February 8, 2009


I didnt answer him. I knew he was going to join me since he followed me.

Lulu: what are you doing here?

3bdullah: le7agtich

Lulu:I can see that, how did you know?

3bdullah: kint 9afi6 bara baitkum I needed to talk to you, is marzouq better?

Lulu: ee il7imdillah.

Just like that, my knees couldn't hold me up anymore, I collapsed. Instead of falling into the water, I fell into his arms.

I never cried, even at my grandmothers funeral I didn't cry. She lived in our house and I saw her everyday and I did not cry. Now I was a broken water faucet. He sat me on the sand and gave me space. I cried my heart out.

1 hour later.

3bdullah: Lulu

Lulu: mhmm

3bdullah: Tabeen we go get coffee?

Lulu: ee please.

We walked over to Starbucks by Alkout, it was a far walk but it was enjoyable. We walked in silence. I had my arm crossed around my chest as if I was holding back any other emotions from escaping.

3bdullah: what would you like to drink?

Lulu: just some warm milk with cinnamon please.

3bdullah: you should eat something.

Lulu: I am not in the mood of eating, thank you .

We got our drinks and headed over to the couch I sunk into the couch, the way my thoughts sunk into my mind.

Lulu: 3bdullah...

3bdullah: Lulu, don't please not now.

Lulu: Inshalah.

We sat there for 3 hours, we shared childhood stories, awkward teenage stories and our university experiences. We were both attending Kuwait University at the same time, he claimed we had a class together and that is why he asked his father to hire me. I don't remember.

Incoming call Shosho.


1 new message Shosho
please Lulu

I am out, I will see you at lunch.

3bdullah: you ok? do you need to go?

Lulu: La, bs if you have to go I understand!

3bdullah: La I don't want to go home.

Lulu: I hope I am not imposing but is everything ok?

3bdullah: Inshalah it will be.

He shined his pearly whites. I liked him. He was slowly climbing up my veins and creeping into my heart. I wanted to be with him, but I knew it was going nowhere, could I do that. Could I just be with him for the sake of being with him. He makes me happy. He soothes me.

We walked back to our cars at 11, his eyes were beginning to droop. I could tell he was tired. I drove back home, but stopped at our favorite bakery to pick up some yummy treats for my brothers.

Everyone was asleep except for 3lawi.

3lawi: wain kintay?

Lulu: out.

3lawi: okay ma3a mino?

Lulu: bro7y, taby takel?

3lawi: okay 5aleny aga3id the boys. Where are we going to lunch?

Lulu: I dont mind!

3lawi: tabeen we pick her up aww.

Lulu: mala da3y we will meet her there.

3lawi: okaay.

We had breakfast with the boys in Marzouq's room since he shoul not be moving a lot. I got caught up with my reading before my lunch.

3lawi and I drove to Promodoro, we knew it wouldn't be crowded, we needed to be alone.

Lulu: Before anyone of you speak. I just wanted to say that if I was informed about this earlier I would have been thrilled for the both of you. I love you both so much and I want you to be happy, but for you to hide this from me, for 7 years is killing me. Why did you have to hide it?

Shosho: Well at first, it started off when dashaina iljam3a. We were in the same major so he use to help me out with classes and professors and then we took our electives together which made us study together. Things just progressed, and I was scared to tell you I was worried about what you might say.

Lulu: Shosho, I would have been thrilled. If I searched the whole world I would not find a girl better than you for my brother and the same goes for him.

Shosho: I dont know what to say, I am sorry please forgive me

Lulu: Its okay, lets just eat.

I pulled out my phone and sent him a text.
Could you please inform me when you wake up, I would like to see you.

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