February 8, 2009


Shosho: 3mooooooooury!!!

Lulu: Lovely.

3mr: Shosho....shlonich? Hala Lulu, shlonich? sha5barich?

Lulu: Hala 3mr, ib5air inta shlonik. Hala 3bdullah, this is my friend 3ysha ilX, 3ysha this is my boss Dr.3bdullah ilX.

Was I suppose to inform him that I was going out? I really dont know what to do!

3bdullah: The famous Shosho, 3mour talked about you so much, its nice to finally meet you!

Shosho: I hope he said good things, and if not kina in high school fa ma3thoura!

3mr: Shosho 3bdullah is my cousin, and what a small world he is your boss Lulu.

I just smiled.

3bdullah: 7yakum, join us.

Shosho: La wala thank you, we should be getting back home we are just here to pick up our order.

3mr: Since we all know each other, we should go out to dinner or something soon, would that be okay Lulu?

Why does he keep addressing me. 3bdullah did not take his eyes off me, I wish I put a bit more effort into my wardrobe. Great now I care.

Lulu: Sure, that would be lovely. It was good seeing you, 3bdullah ashofik bacher inshalah. M3a ilsalama!

We walked in to chocolate bar, I was flushed. I did not know if it was because I saw them both together, or because I saw him. Which him made me flush. I hated experiencing guilt, it truly can drive a person up the wall.

Shosho: Ma shal 3aina minich.

Lulu: who?

Shosho: your boss, of and now 3mr is staring at you. Wait he is walking in.

3mr: Lulu?

Lulu: Great. Hala 3mr

3mr: I was wondering if you wanted to get some coffee with me, I would love to get to know you. Shosho will set it up.

Just like that he walked away. My bofriend's cousin wants to get to know me better.

Shosho: That is so cute, tara mara7 tilgain wa7id a7san mna 9adgeny

Lulu: how come you didn't fall for him?

That was harsh.

Lulu: sorry honey, lets just get going I don't like being away from Marzouq.

On the way to the car, I was deep in my thoughts. Comparing both guys, and I realized I did not know either one of them. Don't I deserve the chance to get to know each man? No, I couldn't do that to 3bdullah. If/when Shosho sets up something I will think of it.

Shosho: Aloo, hala 7beeby, ee maraina tawna 6al3een min chocolate bar o ry7een baitkum, haha ee, 3lawi!...okay me too, bye!

Love is in the air.

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Boyfriend ;p

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I loved the green

and I loved seeing you

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7beebty walla, 3mour shagny kil shway yis2al 3nich

hahaa weird!

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wain btro7oun? shloun marzouq, tara I have something for him

um, for Marzouqo? We are heading home.

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Ee mo 7gich ;p
I will either give it to you bacher.

3boody, you shouldnt have

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I did ;p
7beebty aby asma3 9outch before you sleep.

Inshalah, I will call you ;)

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Drive safely, i7na ry7een ilduwanya akalmich b3dain.

Shosho: mino s3eed il7a'6 ily he is making you grin like that.

I should have told her, I just could not bring myself to saying the truth and not because I was the type that believed an eye for an eye.

Lulu: Shosho, its Mona from my work remember her?

Shosho: ee ya7lailha she is nice, we should go out with her.

Lulu: ee inshalah.

Me and Mona had a great relationship in the office, we were the only Kuwaiti girls on our floor. We started work together, and we quickly bonded. Like us, she was not yet married.

We parked infront of the house, and I noticed 3lawi's car was parked. We head up to the living room, and I call the boys to come say hi to Shosho. They were all use to her, we did not attend the same school, we met through our parents when we were 4 and were joined by the hip ever since.

fai9al: SHOSHO!!

Shosho: FAI9AL!

a7med: laish il9ra5?

Shosho: haha ma adree ish6a6aina.

Each brother went up to her to kiss he on both cheeks, and when it was 3lawi's turn I saw the sparkle in his eyes for her. He was thrilled to see her, like she just made his day. We sat down on the couches, and coincidentally 3lawi ended up next to her. They were having their mini conversations while I listened to my brothers argue about something. We moved Marzouq outside for a change of scenery.


Shosho: 6ILY, 6ILY, 6ILY

As you can see, we are just like every other family.

6alal: intay wainich, ishda3wa yuba ta3aly ta3aly.

He walked over to her and hugged her. They always had a special bond, and none of us knew why. She always cradled him like he was her younger brother, or even her own son. We were 10 when 6alal was born and we slowly saw him grow up, maybe that is why.

6alal had this charm about him, he was a shy boy but once you got him talking you were mesmerized by his words, his attitude, how he delivers his stories. He was charming.

The house phone rang, I left the group to their chatter and got up to answer it.

Lulu: Aloo?
Baba: Hala 7beebty, hala Lulwa

Lulu: Hala baba, how are you? I miss you!

Baba: Wala me more honey, i7na il7imdillah ib5air intaw shlonkum? shloun Marzouqo?

Lulu: Il7imdillah he is much better, he still wont be able to go to school for a few days, tomorrow morning I will be heading over there to talk to the principle to give 6alal all his school work.

Baba: ee 7beebty, thank you. Inzain Lulwa, I want to talk to you about something.

Lulu: 5air baba

Baba: I was offered to be the Dean of X University here, I will be also working with the embassy to help out the Kuwaiti Students here, and I will be teaching a Master's course.

Lulu: Baba, thats wonderful, mabrook! and what about mama?

Baba: The sister company of where she works just opened up here and they agreed for her transfer as the accountant here.

Lulu: That is good, baba why are you hesitant.

Baba: Ma adree, I think I will move Marzouq here

Lulu: La baba, please don't b3dain I am sure he wouldn't want to leave his friends, and to be honest I don't think I can stand not having him here. Don't worry about him, the driver takes him to school and I am here to help him with school work I promise.

Baba: Ma adree ya baba, what if you meet someone..

Lulu: What if I do? Am I going to marry him tomorrow? No! please stop thinking of us, this is an opportunity of a lifetime.

Baba: Adree ya 7beebty, anyways i7na bacher no9al I called Camy and told him to pick us up, and we will have a family talk about this, they gave me 2 weeks to think about it.

Lulu Ok baba, bl salama inshalah. Tell mama I say hi.

Baba: Alah esalmich 7beebty, yo9al inshalah, m3a ilsalama.

I joined my brothers, and I just told them it was my dad. It was getting late, Shosho excused herself and 3lawi offered to follow her back home since it was late. Of course she agreed. The more I saw them together, the more I wanted them to be together.

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I missed you ;p

Can you talk?

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We are leaving the duwanya I will call you once I drop 3mour, ne6reny


I sat with my brothers for a few minutes, each one headed back to his room. Marzouq and I were the only ones that lived on this floor. The rest of the boys were in the new attachment of the house. As bad as this may sound I did not have to worry about whispering, since the living room separated my wing from Marouqs.

I took a shower, got into some crisp PJ's and snuggled into bed waiting for his phone call. Just as I was about to drift off yet again, he called me.

haLulu: Aloo,

3bdullah: hahah hala 7beebty

Lulu: hala feek

3bdullah: How was your day? Inshalah istanastaw?

Lulu: yup, what about you?

3bdullah: kafy iny shftich, so this is your brothers Shosho a

Lulu: Well she is my Shosho, but I guess sharing is caring.

3bdullah: Barney?

Lulu: you know barney?

3bdullah: haa, laa I dont haha

Lulu: ya5ty 3laik, ityanin

Where did that come from, I guess your mind really is not with you when you are tired.

3bdullah: intay ily btyaneny ma3ach

Lulu: laish?

3bdullah: awaln 3ndy so3al

Lulu: go ahead

3bdullah: Laish you only talk in English ma3ay?

Lulu: its not just with you

3bdullah: ok, so laish?

Lulu: haha, does it bother you?

3bdullah: bil3ks, bs hearing you talk Arabic is real attractive.

Lulu: and why is that?

3bdullah: leanich dalo3ty

I dont know what to say.

3bdullah: you dont do so well with the mushy stuff haa

Lulu: you noticed

3bdullah: ee, 3dee with time inshalah

Lulu: mhmmm

3bdullah: ti9b7een 3la 5air Luluty

I was fast asleep.

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I really cant wait to see you


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww... 7abaita

  2. Your story is slowly becoming addictive hehehe I am loving your brothers, oh and A7mad reminds me of myself :P Working same place.. hehehe and your hang outs the ones in Fahaheel are ones I see everyday hehe but oh well..

    I can't wait for your next parts, want to see..

    Will there be Omar and Abdullah drama?

  3. nabi more tonight!!=* is it possible ?=p

  4. Silhoette Crime: it had to happen ;)

    M: ;)

    Jacqui: I am glad you are enjoying it, ahaha akeed fee omar and 3bdullah drama ;)

    Charmbracelet: I am working on it, but I might need an hour!