February 10, 2009


I fell into a cold sweat. It was way too soon for I love you's. Does he expect me to answer him back? I need to talk to Mona.

Mona was sitting with Zooz and 6alal in the upstairs living room. I joined them they were playing Monopoly. I hated bored games, I never won which made me angry.

a7mad: Hala hala

Mona: Hala feek 7beeby

a7mad: ha who is winning?

Marzouq: your wife

a7mad: Kafo walla, yalla rematch 3shan afouz 3laiha, 7beebty ma 3laich 2mer aby gahwa min edich

Mona: Inshalah, inta tamer 2mer

a7mad: my2mer 3laich 3do b3d 3umry walla

Mona was made for A7mad, and A7mad was made for Mona a true match made in heaven. Alah ehanehum inshalah!

Mona: Shosho, 3lawi taboun gahwa?

3lawi: ee walla Mona ma3laich amer!

Mona: Lulu hun wanna help me?

We walked down in silence. I did not have to say anything she sensed my discomfort.

Mona: So whats wrong?

Lulu: He said I love you. What am I suppose to do?

Mona: Well do you?

Lulu: Ma adree MunMun.

Shosho: what are we girls dishing about?

I still have not told Shosho, I knew she would tell 3lawi and I did not want to have to deal with my brother and his temper.

I am not proud of what I am doing, but I have always been there for everyone. Didn't I deserve my chance at happiness? I hated hiding such an important part of my life from my best friend, but I no longer knew her.

We poured the coffee into the cups.

Lulu: Ooo I brought strawberry cheesecake

Mona: ee Shosho please bring it with you

Shosho: Inshalah

We took the coffee, and the cake to the men upstairs. I realized that Fai9al has been distant the past few months.

Fai9al: Fee gahwa 7gy?

Mona: ee ee I made extra.

Lulu: 9ooly ta3al yamy I miss you 7beeby.

Marzouq: ee bs fai9al haa o i7na?

Lulu: Zooz honey you know you are my favorite!

6alal: YA SALAM!!! okay okay lna allah!

Lulu: Come on I love you all the same, you are my brothers and I would die for you all, bs I raised Zooz o uhwa dalo3na!

We chatted for a few hours, before the married couples headed back to their quarters.

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I am sorry

about what baby?

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The I love you message :( adree mat7ibeen o baby you dont have to say it back I just wanted to express my feelings.


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Hala 7yatie

I love you ;*

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3sa raby e5alech ly goulay ameen


Fai9al: I think its time we headed over to your room with some Chai 7leeb right?

Lulu: Nope, 7beeby nothing to tell

Fai9al: Okay

I hated lying to my brother, to Fai9al. But I could not come out and tell him I was dating 3bdullah. He would be disappointed.

3bdullah was my life away from my family and I needed that.

Incoming call MunMun

Lulu: Aloo

Mona: 7uby you wanna go for a drive, just me and you?

Lulu: Sure yala kany nazla

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Baby, Mona and I are going for a drive

Okay 7beebty, please be careful call me itha you need something

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We should tell Shosho she would be upset if she found out.

Lulu: Mona, we need to tell Shosho

Mona: Do we have tooo?

Lulu: hahah ee we have to

Mona: Fine!


Shosho: yeah 7uby?

Lulu: Emshay we are going for a drive

Shosho: La, 3lawi my7ib hal sowalif I am a married woman now

Mona: Okay

We drove around, and headed to the co-op for some Baskin Robins and to pick some things we were missing.

Mona: So radaitay 3lai?

Lulu: Ee

What was getting in to me. I was acting like a school girl with raging hormones.

Mona: AND!! LULU

Lulu: I told him I loved him

Mona: AAAH so exciting, 7beebty you deserve this.

3mr: Lulu?

NO NO please don't let it be him.

3mr: Lulu, its me 3mr

Lulu: ee hala 3mr, shloonik? This is my sister in law and colleague Mona, Mona this is Dr.3bdullah's cousin.

Mona: Hala wala, Lulu honey we should be going its getting late. It was nice meeting you 3mr.

Lulu: 3n ithnik 3mr.

3mr: Alah m3akum.

Mona: Do you think he heard?

Lulu: Ma adree, I wanna leave.

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I don't know who love bs, but I assure you, you will be mine.


  1. ambay this last msg was min 3mr !!! ... ambay he heard them !!!
    bs y3ny ambay hatha ishyaby ... 3bdulla is there o0o ra7 ya56iha sooon ... bs 3ad 5al yiwa5ir 3an 6reeejhom !!!
    ambay 7ada 3a9abny !!!
    sry i over-reacted ;P
    o0o i think its sooo cute ina they call each other boyfriend and girlfriend bil msgs ;) ... 7adhom cute ;***
    bs 7aram 3alaiha she turns down her bro chithy ... at least he might have wanted to tell her something o0o ihya 3a6ita 6af ... bs akeed he will get to talk to her soon ;) mo chithy ??

    btw i love ur blog ;)

  2. Eshyaaabi haatha?! e7urrr oo ebu6 el chaaabd!!
    6ali3laaha chena Yeeni!!
    meskeena ma tahanat

  3. HEALOMED: I wish it were that simple ;)

    lulu: I know, he is not going to leave them ;)