February 4, 2009


Why would he look at me, he drives an Aston Martin Vanquish and I drive a Honda Accord okay its coupe bs still. I know everyone and anyone can buy a car these days but I have to be realistic. His father owns the company I work for, girls literally throw themselves at his feet. Why is so special about me? NOTHING. Will he ever notice me? NEVER. Should I keep trying? DEFINITELY!

He was always neat, well groomed, well dressed and simple heartbreakingly gorgeous. I work in Human Resources which means I have to refer to him every time we want to hire someone or we have problems within the company. Our offices are on his floor. Each morning I watch him gliding into his office, he owned this presence that made every man and woman just stop to welcome him. He wasn't arrogant however, he was stuck up. Or so I thought.

My life changed that day, the day we had to work late.

The day I volunteered to help him.

The day I fell in love.


  1. I like the way you write...yala tell us what happened the day you volunteered ;**

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  3. i like ur story
    post more
    we r waiting :)

  4. im loving it.. i just cant wait to c where it goes!!

  5. ... Next post baby! :P

  6. i think it is like flana story ;p
    we will see ;p good luck ;p

  7. love ;**- thank you!

    BOnita_LuLu- enjoy ;)

    Silhouette Crime- sorry I hope the next post's length are bettter.

    seeking for love- Thank you for reading!

    Lama- haha thank you ;)

    Mhm- 3 are up, enjoy ;)

    Anonymous: no, I can see why you would think that because of the work and the man but it is different. It is not a happy ending!

  8. Nice beginning reminds me of Love Struck Flana bs in a different way hehe :P Just similarities of loving someone at work hehe :P

    Yalla here's to a great beginning.

    P.S. You've been added to Scarletlights.com

  9. Jacqui- yeah I agree, I was worried readers would think that.

    Thank you for the add ;)