February 12, 2009


How does he know I am going to Dubai? Is he coming as well? This cannot be happening

I went to bed that night thinking about 3mr and the message he sent me, and I reached a conclusion, I had to talk to him. 3bdullah was not going to take care of it.

I was.

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3mr, please I would like to see you in the morning before I have to be in the office.

I thought you would never ask.

I woke up early once again, cursing myself for meeting him so early, wore a navy blue dress with brown heals, I put my hair up.

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I am at Starbucks

I am on my way.

We decided to meet at Starbucks Salmya, the one infront of Al-Fanar mall since people hardly go there.

I parked, and walked over to him. He looked handsome in his dishdasha. I was nervous, however, in a good way.

There goes the guilt again.

Lulu: Hala 3mr shlonik?

3mr: Hala wala Lulu, I did not know what you drank, what can I get you?

Lulu: I can go its okay.

3mr: La wala, gi3day what would you like?

Lulu: Grande extra hot white chocolate mocha with cream and extra caramel please.

3mr: uggh, okay I think I got it lool.

I need to focus, to remember that he is not a good person, or is he?

3mr: So, what did you want to talk about?

Lulu: I don't know how to bring this up, it's quit embarrassing really.

3mr: Lulu, you can tell me anything. I know I have been acting like a hormonal teenager, but from the moment I laid eyes on you I felt like we had a connection. Then the day we talked in your office, we have a lot in common, don't you think?

Lulu: Well, honestly I do agree but the way you went about pursuing me did not do it for me. I would have preferred if you had come directly to me and asked for my number.

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Good morning ya a7la girlfriend bl dinya ;*

3mr: You see, he causes a problem

My mind was focused on the message, and its contents that I did not listen to what he said.

3mr: See what I mean?

Lulu: I am sorry I missed what you said!

He came closer to me.

3mr: How can I pursue you when you have someone else you are pursuing?



Lulu: I should be taking off I am sorry.

He sat back into his seat.

3mr: Alah ma3ach, I would not want to keep you away from 3baid.

My brain was functioning, and it was telling my body to move but my body was not responding.

Lulu: I beg your pardon?

3mr: Sm3teny, I know about you and 3baid and even though I really did not want to lose my cousin but for you....its worth it.

I sat back down.

Lulu: You cannot drop something like that on me and expect me to just walk away.

3mr: Shofay 3baid is like a brother to me, and I want the best for him but I just wanted to tell you in 5alty has someone in mind for him and after we come back from Dubai she is going to talk to the girls mom.

Lulu: You are just saying that, does he know?

3mr: Ma adree, bs I mean kanat his ex-girlfriend and he wanted to marry her bs ehya she thought she was in love with someone else.

I needed to get out, I could not breathe, my chest cavity was slowly ripping into my heart.

This cannot be happening.

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Luluty, 7beebty...shfeech?


  1. oohhhh!! chathaabbb.. oo 7attan lawww its the truth.. doesn't meann 3abdallaa byesma3 kalam umma...

  2. Ouf maleeeeq shakoo he has to ruin things i like 3baid...and i agree with Captivated Mo shar6 he listens to his mum, 9aaa7 ?!! and why the hell wud he even consider his ex waii3 she left him for sum1 else !!!!

  3. 7ada creeeeeeeeeeepy 3omar :s

    O I second Bonita, ya3ne a guy a3az ma 3enda karamta hehe erd 7ag wa7da who told him ohhh I love someone else, o marries her? Mo man6eqeya il salfa :s