February 26, 2009

Fantasy part 8

"7beeby you sure about this? maf3oulha awal bwal? akeed she wont remember?"

"Bu Ya3ga, 3la '6amanty, slip the pill in her drink o she wont remember anything the next day"

"Okay, yala ashofik"

Ya3goub purchased Rohypnol: A common date rape, from his "drug dealer." He knew I was divorced, which meant that he wouldnt be taking my "future" away from her, I already lost it. As for my memory, a common side effect of the date rape is anterograde amnesia which is a loss of memory of what happens after the event that caused the amnesia, in other words it happens and I forget and this amnesia is usually drug indused. It remains a mystery to most scientist, so a doctor wouldnt know what to do.

Silly silly little girl.

I called the family doctor and asked to meet him outside the house, and after explaining to him what had happened he too did not know the cause of my temporary memory loss.
I was planning on taking summer classes so I therefore refrained from joining the yearly family vacations.

"3mich bkoun mwjoud fa itha i7tjtay shay kalmy mashy baba"

"Inshalah, yala la tit25roun"

"3ndich flous 9a7, itha nag9ich shay bs dgay 3ly 3shan a7awlich, yala 7beebty inshoufich 3la 5air inshalah"

"Alah ma3akum, bl salama inshalah"

I had the house to myself, well apart from the house maids and the house boy that is. I have been avoiding being alone with Ya3goub as much as possible since I was not quite sure of what really took place that night. He, however knew I was going to be home alone, yes it slipped out.

I had a long day bl jam3a and was exhausted especially since I still worked in the evenings three times a week. I got home had my dinner, watched some tv and at 9 decided to took a bubble bath and head to bed. I informed the maids that they too should head to bed, no sense in them staying up.

Just as I was about to step into the bath tub Ya3goub called, and I answered.


"Bl bait, I was just about to take a bubble bath"

"Can I join you?"

"I dont know baby"

"Baby please, we havet been alone since that night bl shalaih and I really miss you!"

"Um, okay then come to the side door ill leave it open"

"2 minutes o akoun 3ndich"

I waited for him by the door, and then lead him up into my bedroom. He locked the door, and undressed while I got into the bath tub.

"This feels nice"

"I told you, bs intay ma adree shfeech 3ly"

"Im sorry walla kint mash'3oula shway"

"Its okay 7beebty, listen fee this party taben inrou7?"


"ee ilyoum"

"3ndy class at 10 bacher"

"Yala 3ad 7beebty, I dont ask you for anything, do it for your fiance"

"Mita 9ert my fiance?"

"Min awal ma shftich"

"Okay, bs man 6wil please"

"Yala okay"

We stepped into the shower to rinse off the bubble bath soup, and we got ready.

"Baby, 36shan can I go get me something to drink?"

"ee fee kitchen upstairs, yebly water ma3ak please"

He handed me a glass of water, and I drank every single drop.

"Ayeblich b3d?"

"La thank you, yala?"


We headed over to his friends house, to what you would call a "couples" party, the room was dark and loud. I didnt know anyone which eased my comfort. We danced, we laughed and then I went home.

I decided to miss my morning class, and spend a few more hours in bed. I woke up at 11 headed over to my bathroom, undressed myself but before heading into the shower, something caught my eye. My wrists were all bruised up, as if I had been banging them against a brick wall, I even saw tiny blod clots.

What the hell. I heard my phone beep, a message from Ya3goub that read "Good morning my little freak, you were wild yesterday"

What did I do yesterday, and what did he mean by wild? I need to stop doing this, what is he doing to me, this cant be happening. I felt faint, disgusted with myself.....

"7imdilah 3la salmtich" A husky voice said as I slowly opened my eyes

"Ana wain"

"Bl mustashfa, ana Dr.Mish3al intay Jema 3del?"

"Inta wayed 9'3eer"

"Haha, adree tawny mt5arij"

"Jema, Jema honey what happened?"

I saw Samar and the water works came out.

"Shh, 7beebty intay dont cry, its okay you will be okay"

"Uh, ana a5alekum bs I need to know what happened" said the handsome Dr.

"Jema, what happened and if you say I dont know I am walking out of here"

"Samar, please dont leave me, I dont know I was with Ya3goub"

"What, you were with him again? What is wrong with you, shino intay jd '3abya aw you like playing the damsel in distress? Fawaz and I were on the way to the airport when we got the call from Emy (house maid) that you were in the hospital, I cant believe we missed our flight for one of your games. You desperately need some help, khalid fucked you up real bad, alah e3enich 3la nafsich"

Samar walked out of the room, and she saw her husband talking to the doctor.

"She was drugged"

"Shloun ya3nee drugged?"

"ya3nee someone put something in her drink, something that makes her unaware of her surrounding, of her actions, and whoever that person is abused her over and over again, the bruises on her body are just not normal....do you know who it might be, anything drug related we need to report and if you have a name...."

"I know who it is"

"Mino?" Fawaz asked

"I am not telling you leana adree your going to do something stupid, I will however tell the police myself"

"Samar, tell me mino"

"Fawaz, 7beeby please just let me do this"

"Samar, there is someone already here, if you would folllow me please" Samar followed Dr.Mish3al, and Fawaz walked into my room.


"Fawaz, I am sorry ma adree shino 9ar walla ma adree....."

All I saw was him raising his arm, with a murderous look in his eye. I blacked out again.

4 days later

"Jema, can you hear me?"


"Jema, its me Mish3al can you hear me?"

"Stop yelling"

"Haha, Im not actually im whispering, how are you feeling?"

"Like somone threw a boulder on my head"

"Well close enough, if we hadnt walked in on Fawaz you wouldnt be alive right now"

"I wish you let him kill me"

"Thats not for us to control, now do you want to tell me what happened?"

"Wain Samar?"

"Fawaz o Samar bara bs I dont trust them with you so I asked them to stay outside until you are up on your feet"

"please send them in I need to apologize"

"For what? you didnt do anything wrong!"

"What do you mean?"

"Tell me what you remember, and I will correct the facts for you"

I told him what I new, which to be honest was not much and he filled me on the rest. I blacked out once again, this time from my own abuse.

3 days later

"Jema? Jema 7beebty are you okay?"


"Ee its me, 7imdillah 3al salama"

I was surrounded by family, no longer was in the hospital I was in my room, I looked around the room trying to find any trace of Ya3goub, nothing.

"Jema, I am so happy you are okay" Jas said in between her tears, as she jumped up to hug me.

"Not so tightly Jas, her bruises still hurt"


"Mish3al, and yes"

"Yuma, bnaity 7imdilah 3la salmitch, alah 7f'6ach, ashwa ina Dr.Mish3al li7ag 3laich wla chan 6irtay min edy"

How much did they know, what did he tell them.


"Jema, I dont think you remember much bs you were leaving iljam3a and got hit by a car and il7imdillah wagt-ha and kint mawjoud"

He lied for me?

"Ee, ee I remember thank you!"

"Doing my job"

All I could hear was the loud murmur of my family, then Samar walked in she looked terrible, as soon as she saw me awake she ran over to me and hugged me.

"Sam7eny walla im so sorry for everything I said 7beebty please forgive me"

"Wain Fawaz?"

"He..he..he cant face you yet, he is ashamed of himself, he almost killed you and....just give him time...tara no one knows"

"Thank you, call Fawaz I want to talk to him"

I talked to my cousin, and asked him to come because I wanted to apologize to him in person. Mish3al seemed at ease with my family, making jokings, playing cards, and glancing over at me every now and then.


    Poor thing:(
    I love it!! KEEP IT UP!

  2. We like mish3al..is he gona be with jema?pleasse! manbee hal maynoon ya3goub!..bs tara this post wahagnii shway =|

  3. Inshalla Dr.Mish3al will be her knight in shining armour ;)


  4. dandooon: what didnt you get so I could explain :)?

    sexy_sour_sweet: Thank you

    Charmbracelet: In what way?

    My Love Diary: Thank you

  5. Allaaah taraa walla ur story 3ajeeba! I've heard so many stories about the rape drugs bs when u write about a7is really it is a huge problem 3indina! allah yaster bs

  6. omg!!! mish3al 9ij ryal,, i hope so.

  7. Team msh3al ! Lovin it .. I knew he drugged her that asshole!!

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  9. Hmm Tara Jema etnarfez shway bas 3ady after what she's been through klsh ma aloumhaa
    Great writting wala i love your Blog;***
    Btw : Jema is a Great choice 7lw el esm ;p