February 4, 2009


Work started at 8, I hated waking up early but my relying alarm clock (a.k.a) mama never failed me.

at 6

Mom: umy, 7beebty, its 6 yalla goumy.

Lulu: uuuggggh lazem arou7?

Mom: its your job, if you want to explain to your boss.

Lulu: I should wake up inshalah yuma, aby an omlette please.

at 7

Dad: Good morning 7beebty, you look nice today.

Lulu: Thank you baba.

Dad: 6alal, Marzouq you are going to be late, tara maly khulg the school calls me again. Yala boys!

We had breakfast every morning, and when 6alal woke up on time he would join us.

Marouq: I am going to be late, 3ndina assembly today....6alooool yala goum!

Lulu: haha yala zooz honey I will drop you to school.

Dad: Lulu honey I have a suprise for you.

He was dangling a set of keys in his hand.

Lulu: What are those?

Dad: These belong to your new car that is parked outside, I got a bonus.

I couldnt believe it. I did not want a car. He didnt have to buy me a car, I already had one.

Lulu: Baba, 6alool is going to turn 18 soon, you should have kept the money to buy him a car.

Dad: Ilnas egoloun mashkour baba, intay shako ib 6alool, lat7ateen 7beebty you deserve it. Its the car you wanted.

I am a realist, when I want something it usually falls within my budget. Yes I would love to drive a Bentley GT but I dont dwell in that. I opened the door to find my black X5. I shrieked with joy, me shrieking wow!

Marzouq: Mabrook Lulu its so pretty, bs intay a7la 6ab3an yalla lets go.

I loved the smell of new cars. I was thrilled, ecstatic. I felt so good in my new car. Il7imdillah I never got into an accident so inshalah I keep my record.

I dropped Zooz off at school and headed out to work. I arrived at 8:20. I hated arriving late!

Mona: 9ba7 il5air, you look like a girl in love.

Lulu: WHAT?

Mona: I meant you look so pretty.

Lulu: Oh, eheh ee I curled my hair. Mona, my dad bought me a new car !

Mona: Ee I saw you driving into the parking lot, mabrook 7beebty tshofen khairha inshalah!

Lulu: Thank you 7beebty.

My phone was ringing it was 3ysha my best friend. We talked for a few minutes before I froze, before my heart stopped beating, before he held my hand.


  1. i love how fast you update ;)

    now let me go read ;)

  2. heyyyy!!

    wats wrong with X5's?!

    i treaure them more than those ugly bentley's wai3 =\

  3. yala yala yala im soo waiting for the next parts ! i hv a dentist appointment bacher bas mane nayma pls update !!:D

  4. Dandooon- Honey, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with X5's I would never give up my car, even if you paid me ;)

    Um-Loai: Inshalah ;)

    Anonymous: hahah I hate going to the dentist. I will keep you company hun ;)

  5. R u gona post another post tonight wala inam?:P

  6. X5's are cute although I hate BMW :P

  7. Anonymous- Inshallah I will, I am writing it now ;)

    Jacqui- I like BMW's for the X5 lol ;)