February 6, 2009


I could see that they were about to leave the tent. I needed to move, I could not be seen. He could not see me, it would be the end of my career. My brain quickly started to connect the dots and I glanced over my right shoulder to find the stair case exit. I ran as far as my weak feet would allow me. I ran down 24 floors. I was running down physically while my mind ran around my body.

Such a fool to have even thought, for a split second that the tent was intended for me. FOOLISH!

I quietly opened the door to my floor, popped my head to check who was still in the office, thankfully no one was there. I walked over to my office, holding in every tear, gathered my things and rushed on down to my car. There was only one person I wanted to talk to, but I can not talk to him he would worry.

New text msg
9ooly 7beeby I need to talk to you please wainik?

1 message recieved
Bait 3my ta3ly

I arrived to Surra faster than I should, but I needed to talk to my brother. I texted him that I was outside. As he was walking over to my car, I slid into the passenger seat, I could not drive.

Fai9al: Ishfeech Lulwa?

I told him the shameful events of the day. I know he would be disappointed, but that was far from my mind.

Lulu: fai9al I am sorry, I am not proud of what I did but he has this pull on me.

Fai9al: Ok, ana baklmich as a friend first, then as a brother.

Lulu: Okay

Fai9al: As a friend, he is use to every girl throwing themselves at him. Don't do that, give him a challenge. Men love the thrill of the chase. HOWEVER, I am your brother and I love you, I want you to be happy and if this man makes you happy....Shofay Lulu it can get real complicated he is your boss, you don't want to lose your job, or have your coworkers talk about you because trust me people will talk. Nas ra7 egoleen you want a promotion, nas ra7 egoloun tabeen flousa ilnas ra7 egoleen wayed ashya2, fa just be careful baby sis.

Lulu: Okay, thank you Fai9al, I dont know what I would do without you walla!

I hugged my brother, and thanked allah for blessing me with this amazing brother, I loved all my brothers but Fai9al was closest to my heart.

I drove back home with a smile on my face.

I came to a conclusion.

It was time for change.


  1. i want a brother just like Fai9al!! ya7laila he's so caring! 7abaita wayid <3

  2. post!!!!!! plz!!!!!!! 6awaltay:P

  3. M: thank you ;)

    Charmbracelet: ee il7imdillah I have him ;)

    Dandooon: thanks ;)

    tigerlilly: 7batich il3fia 7beebty, you can have him for advice ;)

    Anonymous: I just did, sorry I was swamped with work ;)