February 7, 2009


3mr: Lulu ana aby agoulich shay, min youm shftich ib maktab 3ysha o ana ga3id afaker feech. Ana kalamt ahaly 3shan ekalmoun ahalich so we get to know each other, ishrayich?

Lulu: Ily tshofa 3mr.

3mr: b3d 3umry walla

Fai9al: Baby sis, honey its 6 yala goumy for work!

Lulu: It was just a dream, istagfar allah!

Fai9al: Lulwa, ga3da?

Lulu: ee ee fai9al im up, I want darabeel for breakfast.

Fai9al: laa a7mdo made pancakes o eggs

Lulu: alaaah a7mdo cooked, yalla im up im up!

I washed up and wore a purple high waisted pencil skirt with a white ruffled shirt tucked in, with extra high Grey heels. I walked into the kitchen and my brothers jaws dropped.

Fai9al just smiled, he knew why I was doing this and he gave me an approval smile.

3lawi: La la la, intay someone else ee this is my sister, kil hal jamal, bs 6ab3an ana a7la.

Lulu: a7midy please aby food im hungry. The 6 of us enjoyed our breakfast laughing and teasing each other.

Marzouq: um Lulu, you have to take me to school my teacher wants to see you.

3lawi: laish bala? ish9ayer? what did you do??

Marzouq: ma sawait shay bs I got an F ib my math exam.

3lawi: Laish F?? al7een 3ndik 2 engineers bl bait and an accountant laish ma s2lt a7ad? lo gaylina chn 7a6ainalik tutor!

Lulu: 5ala9 5ala9 3lawi, ana I will go see what the problem is!

3lawi: la intay you are going to be late for work, ana ma3ndy shay untill 10 I will take him ashouf shlsalfa!

Lulu: Marzouq you okay with 3lawi taking you?

3lawi: Ishda3wa Lulu!

Marzouq: ee I dont mind whoever takes me!

We all walked out of the house together, each heading to a different destination. 3lwai is taking 6alal and Marzouq to 7awali for school. A7mad was on his way to 3dailya, he worked for Burgan Bank, Fai9al was on his way to iljam3a and I was heading off to work.

a7mad: Lulu

Lulu: yes a7midy?

a7mad: you wanna grab lunch together?

Lulu: sure, pick me up when you get off work

This was perfect, Shosho told me I should make myself busy, go out on my lunch break instead of having lunch in the office.

I parked my car and my heart was beating like I just ran a marathon. I can not be scared I need to be confident. I walked into my floor and EVERYONE turned in my direction, they wanted to know the source of the clanking of the heals against the cold marble floor.

Lulu: Ilsalam 3laikum. Okay maybe this was a bad idea everyone is looking.

I went into my office, and closed my door.

Knock Knock

Lulu: tefa'9al!

3bdulwahab: Lulwa, I have some CV's I need you to look over, I also have your absence form for Dr.3bdullah to sign.

Lulu: Thank you 3bdulwahad, send me the CV's please.

This was perfect everything was going according to plan, I need to walk in and be a professional.

Knock Knock

3bdullah: tefa'9al

Lulu: Ilsalam 3laik Dr.3bdullah, I am sorry to bother you but I have my absence paper could you please sign it.

3bdullah: Lulu?

Lulu: ee na3am Dr.3bdullah I will just leave it on your desk, I have work to get back to, 3n ithnik

The look on his face was priceless. It was all I wanted, all I needed. My makeover worked, I was boosted with confidence. He was about to say something, but I quickly walked out before he had the chance to speak.

I went into my office and buried myself with work and before I knew it a7mad was calling me down for lunch. I walked out of my office and informed my coworkers I was heading out to lunch and to call if I was needed.

3bdullah: uggh Lulu you are heading out for lunch?

Lulu: ee walla Dr.3bdullah my brother is here to take me out.

3bdullah: Oh is it Fai9al? I should come down and say hi.

Lulu: No, its not Fai9al, 3n ithnik Dr.3bdullah o5oy na6erny.

And just like that I walked into the elevator and left him.

a7mad: Ha wain?

Lulu: I only have an hour, how about breads

a7mad: ee khoush

A7mad and I ordered our food and sat outside under the shade, it was hot but there was a light breeze.

Lulu: Is that 3lawi?

a7mad: wain?

Lulu: ehnak ga3id ma3a wa7da...oh my god its, its 3ysha!

a7mad: 3ysha your best friend? 3ysha ma '3airha?

Lulu: what are they doing together? ee thats her

a7mad: yimken they bumped into each other!

Lulu: La a7mad shaklhum they were here for a while, b3dain look at them so comfortable ma3a ba3'6!

I was confused and lost, I did not know what was going on. Was something going on between them? Is that why 3lawi never came to talk to me about anything?

I went back into the office with a heavy heart. I felt like I have been betrayed by my own best friend. By my brother!

I had to talk to her.

I had to talk to him.

I needed to know.


  1. weeee =\

    oo 3awash, does she know ena he's her brother?

  2. oh, did i mention that IIII loved the look on 3abdallahs face when she left him ib ne9 jumleta? =D

  3. Dandooon: ee she knows, she is my best friend....you should have seen the real look it was priceless!

  4. anna ma7eb swalif to be continue:(
    7dy endmget say what happened did you talk to her or to him what ........?

  5. mama7iaty: I posted something, it clarifies everything ;)