February 9, 2009


It was almost lunch time, and I planned it all out. I called Mona into my office and we were discussing random facts about our colleagues, when a7mad walked in.

a7mad: ilsalam

Lulu, Moma: w3laikum ilsalam

Lula: a7midy this is my friend and colleague Mona alx, mona this is my brother a7mad.

They exchanged formalities, we talked for a few minutes.

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a7la girlfriend

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a7midy is here


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a7midich? ;p bs ana 3bodich

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yala ta3al 3bdaly 3ndik salfa

a7mad: Will you be joining us for lunch?

Mona: I don't want to intrude.

Lulu: Don't be silly of course you are coming

3bdullah: Ilsalam 3laikum, hala walla a7mad shloonik? Shiftik min my office o 7bait asalim

a7mad: Hala wala Bu s3oud, shlonik? 7yak ma3a bnrou7 nit'3ada

Mona shot me a look

3bdullah: La wala I dont want to intrude

a7mad: La wala 7sha, ra7 teyey yala mishaina?

We all got into a7mad's car. My brother, my boyfriend, and my brothers potential wife. Lovely.

We decided to head over to Nino for lunch. A7mad and Mona hit it off instantly, which gave me and 3bdullah time to talk we kept it professional don't worry.

We then headed back to the office.

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WOW, mashalah! I like her baby sis

She likes you too

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9ij galat shay?

la bs I can tell

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7beebty walla ;*

The next couple of weeks a7mad joined us for lunch almost everyday. We usually just ordered in.

1 month after their meeting

Lulu: Mona, I need to talk to you about something honey, but I hope my words will not offend you in any way

Mona: You know you always talk properly?

Lulu: Mona!

Mona: Loosen up, yala golay!

Lulu: Well to be honest, my brother, a7mad, wants to get married and he wants to know if you were interested. Mona if there is someone in your life, or you don't see yourself with my brother I completely understand, it changed nothing about our friendship.

She was quit, and very red. She looked like she needed to pass out on.

Lulu: Mona?

Mona: Lulu

Lulu: I am sorry for bringing it up sweetie.

Mona: CHUBAY, Lulu I really like your brother, and it would be an honor to be your sister in law.

Nothing was final, nothing was close to happening but I had a hunch that this was going to work out.

The next few months were hectic, going back and forth to the "new" in-laws house for both 3lawi and a7mad.

We had to furnish both apartments. I hardly saw 3bdullah since I had to be around both new ly engaged couples. We had "accidental" bump ins, other than that nothing.

I didnt hear from 3mr either, which was a relief.

3lawi and Shosho had their milcha first since they have been together for so long, they did not need time to get to know each other.

2 months later they had their wedding, and they were off to their honeymoon.

Next was A7midy.

As soon as 3lawi got back, we had the milcha and the wedding a month after.

We had to rush since my parents had to settle in Egypt for their new jobs.

The newly married couple were living with us for 2 months and it was pure bliss. Shosho, Mona and I got along, my brothers were happy, my parents were relieved, everyone was happy. I was finally free for my baby.

It was our 6 month anniversary and he wanted us to go out to a romantic dinner. We ended up going to Peacock we had our privacy and our romantic dinner.

He pulled out a small Chanel box. I opened it up. He bought me diamond studs.

3bdullah: La7a'6t mat7ibny ily elegant simple things, mithlich. I hope you like them.

I was speechless.

I gave him a quick kiss on his cheeck.

3bdullah: Uggh, thank, thank you

Ya 7beeby, he was blushing, 7beeby? really? can I say it.

Lulu: No, thank you 7beeby.

His eyes lit up like Vegas lights.

I looked down.

He lifted my chin up.

3bdullah: shino?

Lulu: Thank you?

3bdullah: Luluty please

Lulu: 7beeby

He kissed the crown of my head.

3bdullah: I have waited so long to hear that word.

Lulu: My turn

I handed him a small bag. I bought him Dunhill Sidecar Revolette Black Resin pens.

3bdullah: I love it, tadreen I am a pen collector

I leaned in close

Lulu: Why do you think I bought them!

We got coffee to go, and took a drive together before he took me back to my car. I did not want to leave. I wanted to freeze everything. I was living my long awaited fairytale.

I gave him another kiss on his cheek and thanked him for an amazing 6 months.

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I am speechless

Why 7beeby?

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Everything about today was perfect. From the way you looked, to the drive over, dinner, the gifts, and...


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and the kiss

7beeby you planned this, thank you!
3bdullah thank you for not expecting a lot out of me, um emotionally and physically I mean

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7beebty, I would never make you do something you did not want to.
I wanna be with you, I don't want anything else


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I love you


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw 7ada 7ada CUTE!

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  3. yalla 5al ya56ebha gabl la her brothers e6i7oon 3alaihom!

  4. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ... he is soooooo adorble ;**
    7ada 7ada 7ada cute walla ;)
    inshalla 3ad nothing ruins this ;D

  5. hello ! i like what im reading ;p
    but your posts are short! please make them longer ;pp
    we want more :)

  6. M: ;)

    sugar: haha inshalah ;p

    HEALOMED: inshalah ;)

    wind: I am glad you like it. I will try to make them longer ;)