February 9, 2009


a7mad: Lulwa

Lulu: mhh

a7mad: yala Lulwa its 6 goumay

Lulu: inshalah.

My memory was blurred out, I was almost positive I was talking to 3bdullah I just don't remember finishing the conversation. I pulled my phone from under my pillow

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9ba7 il5air Lulty ;)

What a pleasant way to wake up.

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I really cant wait to see you

I am sorry, but who is this?

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Good Morning Lulu

You havent answered my question, who are you?

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I threw my phone on the floor.

Fai9al: hw ishfeech?

Lulu: shoot. Nothing, haha the alarm was annoying me

Fai9al: uh ok, shino taben 7g breakfast?

Lulu: Labna and cucumber sandwich m3a orange juice with..

Before I finished he answered

Fai9al: Adree wayed ice.

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9ba7 il nour 3boudy

twa ma nawr telefony, how did you sleep?

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Like a hibernating bear, honey I am going to be late to work I have to pass by Zooz school to talk to the principle. I sent 3bdulwahad a message.

Okay 7beebty, take care

I washed up and slipped into a white dress with a brown waist belt with my dark olive green heels. Eyeliner, mascara, blush, no sense in applying lipstick before breakfast. Splashed on my Narciso Rodriguez, and walked down to enjoy breakfast. I always wore my diamond studs, I was not a fan of big or bold ear rings I liked simple things, and you could never go wrong with diamonds.

I drove 6alal to school, and headed over to the principles office. We made arrangements for 6alal to pick up Marzouq's assignments each afternoon, and drop them to the office each morning. I took his schedule for each class and textbooks so that he would not fall behind in class.


Incoming call 3mr

I dont answer

Incoming call 3bdullah

Lulu: Hii

3bdullah: Hiyain b3dain, ha 7beebty wainich

Lulu: Driving to the office, is something wrong?

3bdullah: No sweetie, and I am stepping out of the office for a meeting, and 3mour is coming to see my dad I was wondering if you would keep him company 3la ma in5al9 we wont be more than an hour I promise.

Lulu: This cant be good. Of course, min 3yony.

3bdullah: tislamly 3younich 7beebty, 5ala9 I will see you later.

I parked my car and walked in to my office, I asked but he has not arrived yet so I pop into Mona's office to have our morning coffee, and I heard his familiar voice.

3mr: Lw sm7t, wain maktab Lulu ilX

Lulu: Hala 3mr, 7yack, tefa'9al

3mr: alah e7eech.

I excused myself from Mona and we headed over to my office. I knew it was going to be one of those awkward conversations, to my disappointment it was enjoyable. He told me about his university and how working in the States changed his perspective on so many things, but at the end of the day it was not home and that is why he came back. After an hour and a half of nonstop talking. He brought it up, the thing I was dreading.

3mr: I hope you dont mind, but I got your number from Shosho

Lulu: I am sorry 3mr, but you should have asked me first

3mr: Adree, bs kint 5ayef ma ta36enya

Lulu: So you went behind my back?

3mr: haha Lulu I am sorry, 7agich 3ly.

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I miss you ;*

3mr: I wish I made you smile like that.

Lulu: Not that it is any of your business but its just a friend.

3mr: good cause I am too old to fight a man for you.

3bdullah: 3moooooooooooor, 7beeby sorry 6walt, thank you Lulu for putting up with my annoying cousin.

Lulu: La ishda3wa Dr.3bdullah, it was my pleasure.

I hope he did not hear

3mr: Thank you Lulu, for everything. Ashofich 3la 5air inshallah.

3bdullah: 3mour oboy ib maktiba, ana kany yay

3bdullah shut my office door and sat in front of. I did not like the way he was looking at me.

Lulu: whats wrong.

3bdullah: intay

Lulu: He heard. Ishfeny?

3bdullah: You look gorgeous, I love the white on you.

Lulu: I think my heart actually stopped. 3bdullah mo wagta al7een i7na at work

3bdullah: Okay, bs mny 6ali3 min maktibich

Lulu: Laaaaish?

3bdullah: Dr.3bdullah haa?

Lulu: haha 3bdoody, baby 5ala9 we are at work lazem inkoun professional


3bdullah: 3boody, o baby ib nafs ilsentence, laaa mny 6ali3 kaifich.

Lulu: 3bdullah!!

3bduallah: haahaha inzaain, who are you having lunch with?

Lulu: Mona.

Well thats what I want

3bdullah: okay 5ala9, tabeen shay?

Lulu: La salamtik

He walked out of my office, and I called Mona.

Mona: Are the boys done fighting over you?

Lulu: WHAT?

Mona: haha calm down babe I am just teasing you, loosen up shway

Lulu: haha listen wanna grab lunch?

Mona: I would love to, bye

I went back to the pile of papers I had and before I knew it Mona marched into my office.

Mona: yalla lunch

Lulu: Its 11:30, lunch is at 12

Mona: well Dr.3bdulmi7sen left, and so did Dr.3bullah so yala

I wonder why he didnt tell me he was going.

We went to Paul for lunch, we both wanted something sweet.

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I cant stop thinking about you, I wish I was the one sitting in front of you.


  1. she should tell 3bdallah about 3mr!!! oo please keep on posting:)

  2. laaa she should tell 3mr about 3abdallah and tell him to back off..

    3mr back off Lulu and come to me :$

  3. oo love triangle.. messy, messy, messy! inshalla it works out! i don't even know which one i want her to end up with, they both sound great!:(

  4. i enjoy reading your blog!
    keep the good work! :)

  5. We still haven't seen both of them at work but I'm rooting for Abdullah, dunno why but 3omar is coming to be a stalker sort of :/