February 11, 2009


Lulu: Whaat, ishdarak 3mr?

3mr: I just knew, hmm so I guess this makes it harder but it doesn't mean I wont fight my cousin for you.

Lulu: 3mr don't, please don't, I love him, I love him....I love him......................

Istagfar allah what I way to wake up. I need to do something. I need to tell one of them. I wont be responsible for a family feud.


I took a shower I needed to wash away that awful dream. Why was this happening to me, why won't he leave me alone.

I walked downstairs.

Lulu: "Good morning, Damena, Good monring Marjy, Damena please I wanted scrambled eggs, thank you"

I walked over to the couch, and was peering out the window,lost in my own thoughts, but was quickly sucked back into real life, by my loving nanny.

Damena: Lulu, habeby when you get married? I want to see your baby, you are like my daughter

I just smiled. There was no right way of answering that question.


It defined life, we were made to repopulate, and we repopulate after we get married. Where does love fit into all of that?

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Girlfriend :(

Boyfriend, whats wrong 7beebty

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I miss you ya galby!

7beeby, I miss you too, you wanna grab coffee before work?

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haha okay I am have breakfast now I will call you when I leave the house.

Fai9al: LULU, intay ta7at"

Lulu: Yes Fai9al, I woke up early.

He came over, and kissed the crown of my head.

Fai9al: 9ba7 il5air, 3sa ma shar, ishfeech ga3a mbacher?

Lulu: Nothing honey, I just need to head over to the office early I am behind on some paper work and we have meetings all day so I won't be able to finis.

Fai9al: aah ok, inzain Lulu you sure you have nothing to talk about, nothing going on in that pretty head of yours?

Lulu: haha 9ooly, you know I would come to you ya galby right.

Fai9al: okaaay, I need to go to iljam3a 3ndy imti7an

Lulu: Good luck sweetie!

I went up stairs and slipped into black skinny jeans, a white shirt with a Grey vest and black heels the last and most important accessory was the ear rings he got me.

We met in coffee bean, we knew we would not run into anyone since it was early, I got my Vanilla Ice blended with extra cream and caramel, yum.

3bdullah: We should do this every morning.

Lulu: haha if you wanna wake me up

3bdullah: I would love to, you looking amazing 7beebty

Lulu: 3boody, 7beeby I need to talk to you about something and I really do not know how to bring it up. It is such a big thing, and someone is going to end up hurt, and....

Before I could finish..

3bdullah: This is about 3mr right?



Silence. Shock and Fear

Lulu: You knew?

3bdullah: 7beebty, only an idiot would have not figured it out, intay shftay shloun y6al3ich? shloun ekalmich? its freaky!

Lulu: Baby I wish you told me, I was worried.

3bdullah: Don't worry about it I will deal with him

Lulu: Please, 3bdullah ma aby mashakil intaw ahal.

3bdullah: Ya 7lwich wntay titklmain 3rby, shofay dont worry 7beebty.

We talked for a few more minutes then headed back to the office.

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Metting at 11


Mona: 9ba7 il5air, someone left early this morning.

Lulu: Close the door and come sit down.

Mona: Whats up babe?

Lulu: I had an awful dream about 3mr, and it freaked me out so I told 3bdullah.

Mona: Inzaaaain, and?

Lulu: He knew!!


Lulu: He mentioned something about it being very obvious, is it?

Mona: well, kinda!

Lulu: Inzain yalla, we have a meeting.

During the meeting 3bdullah informed us about the upcoming workshop in Dubai. He informed us how each employee could bring their significant other with them.

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Intay ra7 tithbi7ny walla!

Simla 3laick 7beeby, laish what did I do

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Ma sawaity shay, just the fact that you are you!
Also, those jeans kinda help ;p


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3youna, galba, intay 7yata killah

a7ibik ;p

Incoming call

Luwla, Dr.3bdullah needs to see you in his office, with the X papers please.

I walked over to his office.


3bdullah: tefa'6al

Lulu: Uh Dr.3bdullah you wanted to see me

I turned around to close the door and the next thing I know he has me pinned against the wall. I was scared.

Lulu: 3bdullah what are you doing? Someone can walk in!

3bdullah: tkelmy 3raby

Lulu: 3bdullah, this is not the time.

3bdullah: tkelmy 3raby!

Lulu: wa5er 3ny

3bdullah: a7ibich

Lulu: 3bdullah

I placed my hand on his chest to try to push him away. I looked up into his eyes, his nose, and lastly his eyes. They looked succulent. I wrapped my arms around his waist to stop myself from doing something I would forever regret.

We stood there holding each other, for what seemed like forever.

It felt right.

Nothing could go wrong.

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tut tut tut, yal shai6na, kilish ma hagait-ha minich!