February 9, 2009


Mama: Lulu, 7beebty ta3al our room please.

I walked into my parents room to find them sitting there with a7midy.

Lulu: 3sa ma shar, shfekum?

a7mad: Lazem fena shay ya3nee? ta3aly gi3day yamy, ana aby atzawaj. Abech intay o omy itdawronly

Lulu: I already have someone in mind

a7mad: 9ij mino?

Lulu: Mona from work, mama you met her

Mom: ee mashalah 3laiha 5oush wa7da o jameela

Lulu: Ee she is amazing, she is your age a7midy, and we have been working with her for almost 5 years now, how about you pass by my office tomorrow and see her and if you like what you see we will go from there.

a7mad: 7ilo, mashkoura Lulu.

My brother was genuinely happy, and I would love to have Mona as my sister in law she is a great girl. She is so pure.

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I am playing matchmaker

lol, who you matching up?

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My brother and Mona

Isnt she old for Fai9al?

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um, you do know I have other brothers right.
3ndy 3lawi 28, and a7mad 24 ;p

La walla? ee 9aber a7mad works ib burgan 9a7? I met him ya7laila ee elogoun 3la ba3a'6!

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Ee inshalah it works out, he is coming to see her

tell me when 3shan ayey asalim 3ly

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Girlfriend, can I ask you for a favor please

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Anything ;)

Can you please tell me lmn you go out o ma3a mino ;p

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haha ee inshalah ;)

Ok ;p
I am gonna call you in an hour so we sleep ;*

I went to Marzouq's room I have not seen him all day. He looked down.

Lulu: Zooz, 7beeby shfeek?

Marzouq: Haa, nothing bs malait min ilga3da

Lulu: hmm, okay you want to go out?

Marzouq: ee aby a'3ayer jaw shway

Lulu: Inshallah, digeega.

I headed towards the guys living room.

Lulu: yala gomaw

3lawi: wain?

Lulu: Marzouq is bored yaby e'3ayer jaw shay, imshaw lets drive around shway plus I want ice cream

My brothers never turned me down because I hardly ever asked for anything.

3lawi: yalla okay.

a7midy and 6alal went to help Marzouq down and I went to tell my parents, I wanted them to join us. They agreed I told them we would have a chance to talk about their new job offers.

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I am going out with the family to get ice cream, Zooz is bored ;p

Okay 7beebty, have fun 6mneeny lmn to9leen, I wont sleep an6urich

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Inshalah ;p

We all piled into the Yukon, and let Marzouq sit in front so we wont accidentally hit him. We headed over to the Gelatto Place in bidi3 (I cannot recall the name). We got a big table outside and settled down after everyone ordered.

Baba: Since we are all here, I have to talk to you all about something

Fai9al: shfeek yuba?

Baba: Mafeny shay yuba, while I was in Egypt I was offered the job to be the Dean of X university, I will be teaching a night Master's course AND I will be working ma3a ilsafara to help out all the new Kuwaiti students .

3lawi: that is great!

Baba: Your mom will also be transferring there.

a7mad: Okay

Baba: Marzouq ana kint abyeek teyey ma3ana bs Lulu said no.

Marzouq: ee I want to stay here please baba maby a'3ayer my school and my friends plus...

Mama: Adree plus Lulu is here.

Marzouq: Mama, mo ga9dy tadreen aby akoun ma3akum bs ma aby I leave my friends o i5wany fahma

Mama: 7beeby inta ana mo za3la bl3ks ana aby ily eray7ik

Fai9al: Yalla you will live your single lives again min '3airna

Baba: hahah ee bs malaina minkum

Lulu: haha, o what about all the benefits you get for working in KU? do you still get benefits?

Baba: ee the boys education is paid for completely, we get free tickets twice a month, ra7 yamshely ma3ash jam3at ilkuwait as if tega3dt and yamshly a new ma3ash for my new job there. Its double what I am getting here.

a7mad: Mashalah, thats great yuba

Baba: ee, glt 7g omik mla da3y she works bs mu9ira!

I was happy for my parents, my father has worked so hard and he is finally getting what he deserves. We will manage without them here.

a7mad: ana b3d 3ndy shay agoula

Fai9al: lykoun inta b3d you are moving?

a7mad: haha not really, bs ana 6lbt min omy o Lulu edawrounly, aby atzawaj

3lawi: min 9ijik?

a7mad: ee ishfeek

3lawi: mafrou' 6 ana atzawaj gablik

a7mad: 3lwy malait wna an6er 5ala9 aby atzawaj, lain mita ban6urik ya3nee?

3lawi: 5ala9 ana aby atzwaj

a7mad: shino li3ba?

3lawi: shofay hm ana 3ndy shay bagoula, um ana fee wa7da ib 7yatie o aby atzawjha, kint na6er lain Lulu ter'6a o she just found out a few days ago.

Mama: mo fahma

3lawi: Its 3ysha ilX

Mama: NO WAY??

3lawi: haha ee walla

Mama: yal 5ayes, o laish ma giltlina?

3lawi: ma adree shosho 6lbt miny ma agoul lain ehya itkalim Lulu.

Babe: 5ala9 i7na mi7na imsafreen lain in5ala9 maw'9o3kum

It was a happy day all around, and even though my parents were leaving we were gaining 2 people. That is if things work out with Mona. Inshalah they do.

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I want a big family with you one day


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawww 5ala9 it's settled.. 3mr is mine :D

  2. il Hiladeria/Gilateria in bedi3 isimha SCOOP ;$ hehe. try their raspberry ice-cream, mu sij. btw im luvin the fast posts, ur like the ultimate blogger! and what i luv even more is that the content you present duznt seem rushed at all! it's actually quiet endearing, very charming story. im rootin' for ya! ;p

  3. Love the big family hehe allah ekhaleehom 7ag ba3ath and hopefully we'll see some beautiful love stories being fulfilled.

  4. M: 3laich bl 3fia lol ;)

    Reem: Thank you for the name lool ;p ee I did its amazing! thanks sweetie ;)

    Jacqui: 7beebty walla, hmm inshalah ;)