February 18, 2009


3mr's messages continued coming at random moments. He felt it was necessary to remind me about 3bdullah's parents and how they would never accept me as a wife for their son.

At moments, things became awkward between me and 3bdullah, and I decided the best way to avoid a full blown out argument, I decided to declineon the Dubai trip.

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We need to talk

Incoming call 3bdullah

Lulu: Hello

3bdullah: Are you leaving me?

Lulu: ahaha dont be silly, I just want to talk to you.

3bdullah: 5ara3teny

Lulu: Sorry, um when can I see you?

3bdullah: Ana bl shalaiah, I dont know if you want to come?

Lulu: Will there be anyone there?

3bdullah: La bs ana I needed time away min ahly

Lulu: I will call you when I am closer for directions.

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Mona, I need you

I got your back 7beebty

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Thank you ;*

I wore skinny dark jeans, with a white t-shirt and a yellow cardigan.

An hour later I arrived to his shalaih. I should have been afraid, there was no way of explaining this to anyone if I were to be seen. I was greeted at the door by 3bullah. He was wearing brown trunks and a white t-shirt.

I had been going over, in my head, what I wanted to talk to him about, but seeing him like this I just wanted to spend the day with him. The last time we had been alone was a while back, I missed those days.

3bdullah: 7beebty

Lulu: Hala 7uby.

Yes I had picked up on the whole being lovey dovey thing and he absolutely loved it.

3bdullah: I love you in color.

Lulu: Well, I love you!

3bdullah: Walla 9ij??

Lulu: Yup.

3bdullah: Inzain goleha bl 3raby please.

Lulu: How about we go in.

3bdullah: yala 7yach!

I spent a few hours in the shaliah with 3bdullah. Something just felt right about being there with him, and even though we were along my sweet heart did not even try anything funny.

Lulu: 3boody honey I should be getting alone I don't want to be too late.

3bdullah: Ma aby ahidich

Lulu: Me neither, but it is getting late and I don't want to put Mona in a difficult situation.

3bdullah: Yala 7beebty, ana ra7 asayrich.

Lulu: Um, honey?

3bdullah: 3yona

Lulu: I won't be coming to Dubai with you.

3bdullah: Haaa? laaaaaish??

Lulu: Well, to be honest, 3mr will be there and I don't know how comfortable I would be around him.

3bdullah: i7na shako feeh we will be alone, well ma3a A7med and Mona.

Lulu: I know baby, but it just gives me an uneasy feeling.

3bdullah: Baby, I was so excited I planned out so many things for us. We are leaving in a few days.

Lulu: I know I am sorry please forgive me, I will inform your father.

3bdullah: Lat7ateen I will tell him, yala meshaina?

Lulu: Are you not going to change?

3bdullah: Ee 9a7.

Right there, in front of me he took off his white t-shirt and casually walked around the shalaih looking for his shirt. I was flushed, I wanted to peel my eyes off his muscular body but I just couldn't. It was simply perfect.

He was simply perfect.

3bdullah: You like what you are seeing?

Lulu: Haa?

3bdullah: Amout 3la ily tisti7y!

Lulu: Could we please go.

3bdullah: 6al3eny

Lulu: 3bdullah, please stop this kidding around I really need to leave.

3bdullah held my arms, and placed kisses all over them. I just stood there watching his lips as they planted kisses on my arms.

He came close to my face, he planted a kiss on my chin, a kiss on each cheek, a kiss on each eye, one on my nose and lastly he eyed my lips.

Lulu: What are you waiting for ?

3bdullah: you!

Lulu: What do you mean?

3bdullah: My lips are tired, they did all that work and were not rewarded.

Lulu: well then I guess your lips will have to wait.

He moved in to close the tiny gap between us and planted his perfectly proportioned lips onto mine.

I stopped breathing.

3bdullah: Lulu 7beebty lazem you breathe.

I gasped for air.

Lulu: I forgot to breathe

3bdullah: la7a'6t

Lulu: Can we please go

3bdullah: la7'6a one more, but this time breathe, and shway open your lips I want to suck on them.

This was all too much for me, my brain let alone my nerves could not handle it. Before I could open my mouth to blurt out how I was feeling.

He placed his lips onto mine, this time more forceful, he placed on arm on my back and the other on my face pulling me closer to him. I did as I was told. I parted my lips slightly and enjoyed the light tug I was feeling on my lips, I decided I wanted to lightly lick his lips.

He moaned.

I smiled.

3mr: i7m, am I interrupting ?

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yal shai6ana


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